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Traineo is a free online weight loss community with a focus on personal training and fitness. The website claims more than 200,000 members use the site to log progress, share weight loss and fitness tips and utilize the free tools available from Traineo. The website looks more like a social network, think Facebook, than other dieting websites. One issue with the Traineo website is transparency. The site does not require the user to log in or register to view dieter updates. Anyone can view personal logs, photos from dieters and fitness updates.

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Online weight loss and fitness tracking with free tracking tools.

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The Traineo website offers nothing more than other personal tracking websites, but it does place less emphasis on security and privacy. All a viewer has to do is visit the main website and click the HOME button. This will open a list of recently updated threads. We looked through more than 20 updates and none were blocked. Any visitor can find out how much you weigh, what exercise you completed for the day, where you live (based on updates) and what you look like. Any pictures uploaded to the website are viewable as well. This is a huge problem and should be addressed.

There is a Traineo Plus. The program likely costs money, but the dieter need to sign up for a free account to gain access to the Plus program. We found it interesting that we could view personal information, but pricing information is off limits.

The tools on the Traineo website are useful for tracking calories, carbohydrates and protein. The dieter simply enters the foods consumed during the day and exercise totals and the tracker calculates excess calories, negative calorie balance or how many calories were earned from exercise and displays them on the screen.

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  • Free website for tracking fitness, food and weight loss.
  • The tracker is simple to use and share.


  • All information on the website looks to be accessible by anyone.
  • There is no dedicated diet plan.
  • The forum discussions could promote an unhealthy weight loss tactic.


Traineo works with the dieter to keep track of food and fitness. The information dieters upload to the website is open for the public to read. While the viewer cannot publish a response or start a new discussion without joining the website, the lack of privacy is appalling. Ironically, the website look eerily similar to Facebook and Facebook is constantly in the news for privacy concerns. As a whole, the website offers simple tools and community interaction. These tools can also be found on other websites with a bit more privacy.

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