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Every dieter wants to afford a personal trainer but not every budget has that kind of extra money. The Trainer Mat takes the place of a personal trainer by displaying exercises on the mat. Dieters simply follow the printed exercises and complete the workout. There are more than 20 exercises printed on each mat. Mats are sold by individual workout. Trainer Mat is available in Yoga, Abs, Pilates, Golf, Back Health, Volleyball, Aquatic Sports, Maternity, Stretching, Kids and Weight Loss. The website also offers Trainer Mat Interactive; an online resource for meal plans, recipes and exercise routines. Tracking weight loss, food intake and fitness are supported when the dieter signs up for the program. There is no price listed for the Interactive community.

List of Ingredients

Mat with printed workout regimes for weight loss and fitness.

Product Features

For a mere $30, the dieter can order a Trainer Mat with at least 20 exercises in the desired area of fitness. Most of the Trainer Mat products are narrowed to a specific exercise like Abs or Yoga. This could mean the dieter would need to purchase more than one Trainer Mat to change up the workout once in a while. The Weight Loss Trainer Mat is a bit different because the exercises are focused on weight loss and cover various parts of the body. The mat includes 10 exercises, but there are three versions of each exercise. The company claims these count as 30 exercises, but that is a stretch of the truth. Mountain Climber, Plank, Push-Up and Squat are included on the mat. There are no actual cardio exercises, though exercises like the Mountain Climber will likely increase heart rate. The Weight Loss Trainer Mat is not appropriate for someone just beginning on a workout program or someone with joint or back problems. The exercises are hard, even in the most basic beginning form.

The Trainer Mats are only six feet long. They will work for someone of average or short stature, but someone taller than six feet will not fit on the mat. This could get a bit uncomfortable if the mat slides during intense exercises.

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  • Displays workouts on a portable mat.
  • Trainer Mat is washable and non-slip.


  • Each mat costs $30.
  • The weight loss mat displays difficult exercises.


The Trainer Mat is a unique idea, but the price is a bit high. For the ideal workout regime, the dieter would have to buy the Stretch, Weight Loss, Yoga and Abs mat to change up workouts. This would cost more than $120 with shipping and handling. There are no dietary guidelines for weight loss and the weight loss exercises will grow boring in a short time.

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