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The diet aid known as the firm system was first started in 1979 in South Carolina. The purpose of this system was to give their customers a good workout by combining cardio workout and weight training. In this review we will take a look this system and see if the results that are promised in this regimen are actually a realistic.


Since there appears to be no obvious food or supplements that are trying to be sold by this company at this time, then it is apparent that there will are no ingredients to be listed or evaluated at the time of this review. However, we can say that the makeup of this product may include 20 different DVD’s and videos, weights, and a cookbook.

Product Features

This appears to be a program that mainly consists of workouts that are to be followed by the potential customer in order to achieve the possible maximum results. It was stated on the website as being a program that can help an individual to sculpt and shape their body while burning an excessive amount of calories. The latest of their products is believed to be what is called The TransFirmation System. This system is believed to consist of 20 DVD’s, weights, and a cookbook. The claims are that if this product is used properly then you will begin to results in as little as 10 sessions by combining cardio and weight training workouts.

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  • One of the advantages that I am sure that people will be interested in is that you can work out without having to go to the gym.
  • This workout could prove to be very effective if it is used as it is recommended.
  • People who like a challenging workout may be impressed with this system.


  • Research shows that this system may have the potential of becoming quite expensive.
  • There were several negative reviews that were found on line while researching this particular product.
  • It is believed that over a period of time that the workouts and food regimens may have a chance of becoming repetitive and boring.
  • The system may not be for beginners.


When looking at the bottom line of what this system has to offer, it appears as though it may not be the best solution for everyone. This system seems to be based solely on repetitive exercise. Even though it does appear to come with its own weights and cookbook, it still is not very appealing for people who do not have the time to hang around and work out all day. The customer reviews revealed that most people give up on the system because it was either too hard to follow, or their motivation failed them. It appears that this product may find its best use with people that have nothing else to do but sit around the house and plan their meals for the day, which actually ends up sounding a lot like a couch potato, which may be a difficult customer base for the company to tap in to.

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