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The Treat Yourself Diet was created by Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The diet can be found inside the Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat book by the same author. Snyderman is considered one of the most influential women in medicine. She is a medical correspondent for NBC News and has worked with ABC News in the past. In her Diet Myths that Keep Us Fat book, she lists more than 100 myths dieters often subscribe to when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of the myths included in the book are considered diet fact. The information provided by Dr. Snyderman is engaging, helpful and well-researched. The Treat Yourself Diet is incorporated into the book.

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Diet tips for losing weight without deprivation by Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

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The details of the Treat Yourself Diet are simple. Dieters need to eat healthy foods like fruits and lean protein, but they also need to eliminate unhealthy choices like fast food and processed foods. One day a week every dieter needs to take the day off the diet plan. Eat the things you love, but be smart about what you eat. No one will lose weight if they eat an entire cheesecake and a whole pizza on the off day.

The Treat Yourself Diet is about more than food. Exercise and self-care are also address in the book. There are some problems with her debunking measures, however. She speaks of fat being the cause of weight gain, but healthy fats are included in some of the most successful diets. The Atkins diet is based on fat and it is proven to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat.

Another misconception is salt. Dr. Snyderman claims salt is a huge problem with health and weight loss, but that is not always the case. Some doctors are not suggesting patients with higher blood pressure eat more salt, unlike medical suggestions in the past.

There is no new information in the Treat Yourself Diet. Dieters simply need to choose healthy foods exercise more and take care of their bodies and weight loss will happen.

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  • Treat Yourself Thin is a simple, easy to follow diet.


  • Not all “facts” in the book are factual.
  • The diet is nothing more than eat well and exercise more.
  • Fat is blamed for weight gain.


Dr. Nancy Snyderman may be an excellent and well educated doctor, but her method of weight loss is a replay of hundreds of diets available free on the Internet. Based on common sense, anyone could have written the diet plan in less than 500 words with the same effect. There is no mention of supplements or fat burners in the diet.

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