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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The TrekDeck Treadmill Desk is an innovative product used to increase movement while working. The desk straddles a standard treadmill. The treadmill is not included with the desk. The height of the desk is just right to allow the person walking on the treadmill to work, read, write or otherwise perform regular duties. Walking on a treadmill is a bit bumpy, so the user may have trouble using sensitive office instruments like a mouse. Typing may also be a problem. The TrekDeck Treadmill Desk sells for $479.

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Desk used to increase worker productivity while allowing the worker to stand.

Product Features

One of the worst problems with desk jobs is the inability to move more. Prolonged periods of sitting can cause back pain, headaches and decreased metabolism. The TrekDeck Treadmill Desk transforms a treadmill into a moving desk or a desk into a mobile workout / work station. Typically, businesses will not require the worker to walk for the entire shift, but they will set aside a period of the work day for workers to get in physical exercise. Some companies require the exercise time. If workers are more physically fit, the total health care costs paid by the company may be less.

The TrekDeck Treadmill Desk can be used in a home setting as well. With more workers telecommuting from home, the need for an integrated workout and work station can be important for the physical fitness level of the home based worker.

Benefits associated with the TrekDeck Treadmill Desk include increased productivity, better mood, decreased risk of depression, healthier blood flow to the brain and weight loss.

The TrekDeck Treadmill Deck is available from The desk is typically sold to companies who set up a workout area for employees. Individuals can choose to set up the TrekDeck at home if they are willing to pay $479 for the desk.

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  • Increases productivity.
  • Allows a worker to achieve business goals and workout at the same time.
  • Some businesses will cover the cost of the TrekDeck Treadmill Desk.


  • Costs more than a typical desk.
  • The treadmill is not included with the order.
  • Overweight workers may have trouble walking for more than a few minutes.


With the rise in the number of telecommuting jobs, the home worker needs a means of exercise that does not interfere with productivity. The same goes for the business man and woman stuck behind a desk all day. There is no set workout or diet plan associated with the TrekDeck Treadmill Desk, which could limit the weight loss achieved using the desk. We would like to see other versions of the TrekDeck Treadmill Desk, maybe in alternative colors or with corporate logos.

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