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What You Should Know

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Tren Bomb is a prohormone. Prohormones cause an effect similar to steroids, but they are synthesized in a lab. Some prohormones are illegal but the government cannot keep up with the chemical changes and new products, so there is some time between when the synthetic prohormone is created and when it is added to the list of banned prohormones. As for Tren Bomb, we did not find any verification that this prohormone is currently on the banned list, but we did not find information leading us to believe it was still legal either.

Tren Bomb is exceptionally hard to find online. We did NOT find any current websites selling the supplement by name, but that doesn’t mean the active ingredient is not available in other products. When it comes to using a prohormone, it is best to understand how they work and how to cycle on and off before attempting to try one out.

List of Ingredients


  • 17-Beta-Hydroxy-Androstan

Product Features

According to the small amount of information we were able to find on Tren Bomb, the active ingredient is 17-Beta-Hydroxy-Androstan. This is a prohormone. When the bodybuilder takes this prohormone they will notice extreme gains in muscle and strength. Some users say the effect is better than steroids, but there is a huge downside. Prohormones can cause liver damage and the strength and muscle gains disappear when the bodybuilder stops taking the product. So – when you take Tren Bomb you’re strong and muscular. When you stop taking it – you could be left with liver damage and fading muscle mass and strength.

One user reported gaining more than 10 pounds in two weeks of taking Tren Bomb. He felt stronger and looked bigger in the mirror. After he cycled off the prohormone, he lost all the weight and the muscle size faded. The weight was not new muscle – it was water weight.

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  • None.


  • Information is extremely hard to find online.
  • Will cause extreme water retention.
  • May cause liver damage.
  • May not be legal in the United States.
  • Will likely get you banned from competition.
  • The gains are only temporary.


Tren Bomb is not your standard weight loss supplement. The ingredient in the product won’t increase metabolism and it won’t increase fat loss. What could happen is a sudden increase in weight and liver damage. There is also the chance estrogen levels will spike causing other health and physical problems. We do not suggest using Tren Bomb or any other prohormone for increased muscle growth.

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