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TriSlim is a new weight loss supplement that the manufacturers claim has helped hundreds of people attain their weight loss goals. The weight loss supplement is based off of the idea of thermogenesis. The product seeks to naturally boost the metabolism. By raising the metabolism’s levels, the body works harder in order to burn fat and calories, this results in rapid weight loss.

TriSlim is approved by the FDA and the manufacturers of the product claim that TriSlim has gone through numerous clinical tests. The manufacturers state that the product has been approved for sale.

The product is also recorded to help as a natural and organic energy boosting supplement. Because the product does not contain large amounts of caffeine, like other energy boosting supplement, you do not experience a “crash” of energy later on in the day, typical of other supplements.

List of Ingredients

TriSlim is a 100% all natural and herbal supplement. The ingredient list includes Synephrine, small doses of Caffeine, Vitamins, Minerals, Green Tea Extract, and Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is the main compound found in TriSlim and aids in the process of thermogenesis.

Product Features

TriSlim uses the theory of thermogenesis in order to help with rapid weight loss. By boosting the metabolism, the manufacturers state that they body has to work harder in order to burn excess fat and calories. This aids in weight loss.

The manufacturers guarantee that TriSlim works instantly. While other weight loss supplements tend to take several weeks to have full effect, the manufacturers of TriSlim claim that the product works from the very first does. They claim that users will see a difference within the first couple of days.

TriSlim contains Hoodia Gordonii which is known for being able to stifle the appetite. This helps in decreasing the urge to eat, helping with weight loss.

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  • TriSlim provides a natural and organic weight loss supplement that aids in rapid weight loss.
  • TriSlim contains Hoodia Gordonii which aids in suppressing the appetite, helping with weight loss.
  • The product has been approved by the FDA and has gone through many clinical tests. The product has been certified for sale in the US.


  • The manufacturers of TriSlim fail to release the full list of ingredients found in the weight loss supplement.
  • The manufacturers fail to provide before and after pictures.
  • The supplement contains caffeine, which can be unhealthy for the body in large quantities.
  • The supplement contains large doses of Hoodia Gordonii to decrease appetite. However, the herb still has yet to provide definitive results for suppressing appetite.


TriSlim provides a natural and organic alternative to weight loss supplements. By using the idea of thermogenesis to naturally boost the metabolism, the manufacturers state that TriSlim is able to help with rapid weight loss.

While TriSlim guarantees that their product is effective, their claims may be a bit exaggerated. Also, questions are still being asked about the full list of ingredients.

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