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Triaxiom Fitness is a high quality DVD fitness training program that started several years ago. There are many people that have achieved great success while using this program and it can last you for years. One user lost over 270 pounds in just one year by using this innovative program. Some of the benefits of this product include a complete cardio workout that you can do every day, a bodyweight strength workout, food examples and ideas, and lists of foods that can and cannot be eaten. This product has been used by many people, and several people have even experienced great results. Some users have lost incredible amounts of weight, and others have not lost much a tall. This is a great way for many people to stay in shape; people to stay toned, and even stay at their ideal weight. Overall, this is a helpful DVD system for many people, but there are many people that have seen minimal results and the website online posts very few results for this program. It can be difficult for many people to go through, but many who are able to keep up with this workout program can achieve great success.

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This product is easy to use for people that are already in shape, but for other people that are out of shape, this product can be discouraging and difficult to keep up with. This product features many great workouts that stress nutrition, strength, and cardio. These workouts are helpful for anyone that can keep up with them, but most people that are able to keep up are the people that do not need these workouts as much. Overall, this is a very helpful workout program, but large amounts of weight loss are not typical.

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  • This product can help people that are already in great shape stay thin and fit.
  • These DVD workouts are easy to use and can be easy to follow.


  • These DVDs can be quite expensive, and many people think that they are not worth the high prices.
  • Many people have struggled to keep up with these workouts.
  • Triaxiom Fitness has claimed outrageous weight loss for many people, but most people are unable to lose weight with these DVDs..


Triaxiom Fitness Weight Loss Program is helpful for people that are already in good shape, and are trying to stay thin. These workouts are difficult for many people that need to lose weight, and these DVDs can also be quite expensive. These workouts are not helpful for many of the people that they were designed for, but they can be helpful for some other people. This is a helpful product, but the group that it is designed for should be people that are already thin and are looking to stay fit.

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