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Tribustol is a supplement that is similar to creatine, and this supplement has helped many people that are searching for a supplement that works for them. This supplement has been tested by Universities, and has been given a US patent. This supplement contains many vitamins and minerals that are supposed to help increase strength, muscle size, and performance, while decreasing body fat. This formula has been taken by Bulgarian athletes for many years, and this product has seen many improvements. This formula has been seen by many to benefit in many different ways. Some of these benefits include fat burning, muscle building, strength enhancing, and much more. Tribustol is guaranteed to work by the company that creates it. The main problem that people have is that these pills are so expensive. These pills costs $60 per month, and they are automatically sent to your house each month. These pills can cost over $2 per day, and many people do not believe that these pills are worth that high price. Overall, this product works fairly well for some people, others have seen adverse reactions, and most people believe that it is just too expensive to keep up using.

List of Ingredients

Tribustol contains folic acid, fruit extract, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals that are essential to help you maintain your peak fitness.

Product Features

This product was produced after researchers were inspired by research of a natural herb that is combined with other vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are all added together to provide a product that helps people burn fat, gain muscle, and increase their strength. These pills are taken two at a time, 2-3 times each day. This can become quite expensive very quickly, but some people believe that it is worth it. Some people are unable to afford it, others believe that the results are too minimal to be worth the money. This product could definitely be improved, but as it is right now, many people just are not willing to purchase it the way it is.

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  • These pills have been tested by universities. This brings credibility to the Tribustol product.
  • Tribustol is available in a convenient and easy to take pill.


  • These products can be quite expensive, and many people are unwilling to pay the high prices.
  • There are many people that have not experienced the great results that the product promise.
  • These pills are shipped monthly and the company automatically charges your credit card unless you call and cancel.


Tribustol is quick and easy to use, but it seems that many people believe that it is too expensive. Overall, it seems that right now Tribustol is not worth the high prices for many users.

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    Thought about using this product until I read that it is shipped automatically monthly. If I had wanted it that way, I would highlight that on the order. However, I do not, so I will not be using your product.