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Tricor is a tablet that is meant to regulate fats. These tablets are orally ingested, and can be used by just about anyone. Tricor contains many inactive ingredients, and a few active ingredients. Patients that are on this drug should also be placed on a diet before doctors prescribe this drug. This drug can be used at four to eight week intervals, and the maximum dose is about 145 mg each day. These pills can be very expensive, and many customers quickly find themselves unable to afford these pricey pills. Some problems that have been associated with this drug include side effects and negative interactions with other drugs. Tricor has caused abdominal pain, back pain, headache, liver function problems, diarrhea, and many other problems. Many users are unwilling to try this drug because of the many different side effects. Over half of the people that have used this product have experienced negative side effects. Tricor can be very dangerous for many people, and it has even led to more severe cardio problems. This product has worked for many, but the side effects and cost makes it a bad decision for most people.

List of Ingredients

Tricor contains sodium, sucrose, lactose monohydrate, and much more. These ingredients have caused problems for many, and people have had many different minor and major problems due to these pills.

Product Features

These pills come in easy to take pills. These pills are small and easy to swallow, and many customers believe that these tablets can be extremely beneficial. Most users however agree that these pills are a waste of money because they are so expensive and do not provide great results. Also, among the people that did receive good results, many people have suffered from side effects of varying intensities.

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  • Tricor has been known to work and many people have received great results.
  • These pills are easy to take and they come in easy to take pills.


  • These pills can be quite expensive and many people are either unable to afford them or are unwilling to pay the high prices.
  • Tricor can cause negative side effects in many people.
  • These pills only offer minimal results to many people.


Tricor is easy to take, and it comes in easy to consume pills. These pills may be easy to use and they can offer great results for many people. Other people have either seen minimal results, or have even seen negative side effects. These pills are also quite expensive and many people are unwilling to pay the high prices. This company provides an innovative product that many people have been able to benefit from, but many people have experienced major problems, and others have been unable to afford the high prices. This company is doing well, but could significantly improve by cutting prices and providing better ingredients.

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