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Trikke is a bike with three wheels and a very unique method of movement. The body powered Trikke has two wheels on the back and one on the front. The frame shifts, so the rider can move back and forth on the rear wheels moving the Trikke forward. If the rider moves the legs faster, the bike will move faster. The Trikke is also available in electric hybrid and snow ski. The snow and manual versions are the only two that provide increased exercise and fitness. With a healthy diet plan, the dieter may actually lose a few pounds by Trikking.

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Three-wheeled bike with shifting frame.

Product Features

Some people like to Bike and others like to Trikke. The Trikke forces the rider to use lower muscle legs to move the bike forward. Unlike a traditional bike, the Trikke has pedals or platforms on top of each back wheel. The rider steps on these foot holds and moves back and forth, side to side shifting weight from left to right. At first, the movement is slow, but the rider can increase the speed of the weight shift to increase Trikke speed.

The official website for the Trikke offers information on each of the available models, but there are no prices. The Trikke is sold in some high-end sporting goods and sports stores. Prices are determined by the store. The Trikke is available in seven sizes ranging from child-size to adult-size. Safety equipment is required when using the Trikke as is the case with all bikes or bike-like machines.

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  • Several models of Trikke are available online.
  • The Trikke comes in small sizes for children.
  • Forces the rider to use lower body strength to move the Trikke.
  • No sitting on a hard bike seat for hours.


  • The Trikke is likely more expensive than a traditional bike.
  • It is not sold through the manufacturer.
  • The dieter must use the Trikke to lose weight.
  • No diet is mentioned on the official website.
  • Dieters must reduce food intake to lose weight.
  • Requires the user to stand, which could be hard for some dieters.


The Trikke looks extremely fun to ride, but not every dieter will have fun. The lower body muscles required to move then Trikke are different than those used in traditional bike riding. This means even the most adept rider will use new muscles. The cost of the Trikke could be a bit more expensive than some dieters are willing to pay. This is especially true of children who may outgrow the Trikke in a short time. Some sporting goods stores allow buyers to try the Trikke before making the purchase.

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    Kate W

    I love my TRIKKE. BUT…there is a catch…I also have the optional battery for my TRIKKE. I ride my TRIKKE anywhere and everywhere for up to 12-14 miles before I need to charge the battery. I do NOT use the battery on full because that does not do me any good. I supplement the battery power and my personal power. By doing this my exercise is the most enjoyable and relaxing time I have. The gentle back and forth motion, rather than carving hard is the way to go for me. I get TONS of good exercise this way. With the battery, if I get to an area (traffic) that is less safe to carve back and forth, I simply use the battery to move through this area. Don’t cheat yourself, use your legs and the battery! Put on a daypack and a helmet and ride it to work, to the grocery store, where ever 14 miles takes you! I would buy another TRIKKE in a heartbeat!