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Trim Down Club Review - Does This Weight Management System Work? Are price and quality of customer service deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Trim Down Club Review

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about Trim Down Club. We will put the spotlight on ingredients, side effects, quality of customer service and clinical research. Furthermore, we will take the time to concentrate on dieter reviews and comments. Then, we’ll refine and summarize to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

To start, Trim Down Club is a community-centered diet program consisting of customized meal plans and nutritional advice. You follow your individual weight management solution, which supposedly supports weight-loss. One of the benefits is community help.

The program, introduced in 2012 and managed by B2C Media Solutions, appears to offer a variety of food options. You can only purchase the weight-loss system on the official website. We like that we found some favorable customer comments and that the company provides community support, but read on…

Price – “Upselling?”

The first concern about Trim Down Club is the high price. “There’s a balance between a program and cost that dieters need to find,” said our Research Editor. “Paying more for a product that works is one thing. If it doesn’t give you the results you desire, that’s another.”

“I have only been a “member” for a short while but if I bought all the pills advertised up to now it would cost me over $1000.00 per month,” stated a customer.

“This is a scam because they said it was $47 and they took that plus another $67. Now I’m trying to get my money back,” reported a user.

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Quality of Customer Service – “Just Poor”

Several online forums noted that the Trim Down Club quality of customer service was poor. “I never received a confirmation e-mail. No email address to contact them. Other items added that I didn’t okay. I want all of my money,” stated a user.

“There are a lot of questions around the plan. The problem is getting an answer, they have a community sector but no one answers your questions and if you go to the support section they tell you to go to the community sector. So you pay your money, get the basics and then are left with loads of questions around the diet, weights, etc. that no one responds to,” said a consumer.

“After joining Trim Down Club I decided it was not right for me and I cancelled my membership and asked for a refund per your refund policy. My email was never answered and now I can’t even get past the sign in screen to write another email,” said a dieter.

Based on our experience and research, we’ve found that something miniscule, like unsupportive customer service, could hinder your long-term success. If Trim Down Club doesn’t provide exceptional care, dieters will look somewhere else.

The Science – “Legitimate?”

According to the Trim Down Club website, the program was created using “proven” weight-loss practices, but the company doesn’t provide scientific research as evidence. At DietSpotlight, finding published studies providing support for claims is imperative. If there’s no science, is it worth it?

The Bottom Line – Does Trim Down Club Work?

So, after dialing in to Trim Down Club, are we racing out for it? We like that we found some favorable comments and that the company offers variety of meal plans, but we have doubts about recommending it because there’s no published clinical research supporting weight-loss claims. We also have concerns about the overall cost of membership and the quality of customer service.

If you’re looking to lose extra pounds, we recommend an affordable supplement backed by published clinical research and a supportive customer service team willing to address all of your concerns.

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How Does Trim Down Club Compare?

Previous Trim Down Club Review (Updated July 8, 2014):

What You Should Know

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The Trim Down Club is a paid website that claims it can help dieters lose more weight in 60 days than they can on their own. The buddy system is proven to help people make better choices and stick with weight loss plans longer, but there are tons of trusted websites out there – what makes Trim Down Club different? The only thing we noticed upfront was the $47 fee dieters were expected to pay before accessing the website.

List of Ingredients


  • Weight Loss Tools
  • Online Website/Forum Access

Product Features

For the $47 fee, what exactly does Trim Down Club offer the dieter? The listed benefits/tools include a progress meter, personal menu planner, diet journal, menu history and a feeling lucky menu for when you’re bored of the same foods. None of these tools are unique to Trim Down Club. Websites like Sparkpeople and FitDay offer the same tools and many more for FREE. FitDay has more than 6 million users and Sparkpeople more than 15 million users. These sights are amazingly popular and they charge $0 for access to all the sites tools, including mobile apps.

After a little deeper digging, we found the company behind the website and dieters will not be too thrilled with what we found. The B2C Media Solutions company out of Israel is the media company making money on diet tools found free on other sites. From the looks of the site and the information we found about the company, Trim Down Club is nothing more than a brilliantly developed website of online tools and simple diet articles a media company is selling for $47 a member. To make matter worse, when we visited the Contact Us page there was a place for the ClickBank order number. ClickBank is an affiliate sales site partnering Internet marketers with digital products.

See Our Featured


  • None.


  • Charges dieters $47 for tools found free on other websites.
  • The site was created by a media company.
  • There is no information about how the site supports your weight loss.


Trim Down Club is not a site you want to pay to join. Visit sites like Sparkpeople or FitDay and join for free. You’ll receive a dedicated set of tools and millions of supporters. Trim Down Club appears to be nothing more than a money-making scam from a media company and a bad scam at that. If you read the front page of any diet website and you have NO idea how the product or service will support your weight loss, leave the site.

Trim Down Club Questions & Answers:

We dug through hundreds of comments and experiences on the Trim Down Club to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Trim Down Club?

There are no Trim Down Club side effects to deal with, unless you consider the cost of foods that may not normally be on your grocery list. We also found reports of hunger from people who’ve tried the diet.

What are the ingredients in Trim Down Club?

Trim Down Club ingredients consist of recipes, a diet plan and community support.

Does Trim Down Club work?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of weight-loss options based on the same theory as Trim Down Club. Many are free, so you aren’t left with a bill for a program that offers the same support.

If you want to lose more weight and you’re thinking about changing your diet, you may want to consider adding a clinically proven supplement like Leptigen to the mix.

How much does Trim Down Club cost?

We didn’t find mention of the Trim Down Club cost on the official website, but some followers mentioned spending in excess of $500, some as high as $1000.

What is Trim Down Club’s BBB rating?

We checked the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and found no file for Trim Down Club.

How should I use Trim Down Club?

After signing up for Trim Down Club, you gain access to the menu planner, tools, apps and community. The program is simple, follow the menu and lose weight. However, the same can be said for any similar weight-loss plan.

Can I use Trim Down Club if I have a health condition?

While some health conditions are improved by weight-loss, it is always good practice to seek advice from your physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, planning on trying to become pregnant, are under 18 years old, take prescription medications or have any of a number of medical conditions.

What do users like about Trim Down Club?

Many like the simplicity with which you can create a meal plan. Others enjoy the fact that you don’t have to think about what to buy or make.

What do users NOT like about Trim Down Club?

The price is the number one complaint with Trim Down Club. We also found numerous reports of dieters unable to stick with the plan because of hunger.

Can I still eat the foods I like on Trim Down Club?

Yes, according to the FAQ on the official website. You will learn about portion control so you don’t overeat those foods you like.

What if I can’t eat all the food suggested with the Trim Down Club?

The plan is made to help you stave off hunger by eating six times a day. Food choices are all up to you, but skipping any one of these could lead to overeating later.

How do I contact Trim Down Club customer service?

The only means of contacting Trim Down Club customer service, if you are not a member, is to use the contact form.

Does Trim Down Club come with a guarantee?

There is not necessarily a guarantee, but you do have 60 days to return any products (and subscription to the program) purchased from Trim Down Club.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts with the Trim Down Club?

No, we didn’t find any special deals, promotions or discounts with your purchases from the Trim Down Club. What we have noticed is the increased excitement surrounding Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is only the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to check it out.

53 User Reviews About Trim Down Club

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  • 1

    Whew! Almost joined, but the food described by Russell IS strictly tasteless diet food that I could have put together myself to lose weight. Thanks for the info Russell.


  • 2

    This is definitely a legitimate company. I signed and paid by Clickbank, but I have a lot of questions. I e-mailed the club using the original e-mail address and have not received an answer after 2 weeks. I am a diabetic and am concerned about the over abundance of carbs on the plan. Their lack of response tells me that all they wanted was money and now they no longer give a *^%# about me. I will complain to Clickbank, but bet I will never get a refund.


    Cameron (Editor)

    Have you tried calling their office, or using their customer feedback form?


  • 3
    Emil Green

    I paid a one time fee of $47. This includes the ability to create individualized menus, recipes, health and nutrition articles, exercise advice, and online support groups.On this plan you eat real food that you like. It is designed to keep your blood sugar level so you are not hungry all the time. It has helped me. I recommend it for people who need to lose weight and those that need to control blood sugar.


  • 4
    Bonnye Everton

    should have read more about company before paying to join. I WANT My MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!


  • 5
    Cheryl Bailey

    I would like to know how to log in and get my menue yes I am a member I would like to have my money back


  • 6

    Please am in Ghana,
    Were will i get one to buy


  • 7

    Are headaches and bloating side effect? Plus how quick can I expect results?


  • 8
    Eva & J.D. Streeter

    We have paid the $47 how do we get the cook books, shopping info, meal planning, etc? We thought that we were to get cook books in five (5) days? What are we getting for our $47???


  • 9
    Lynn W

    I did pay the $47 to join. Kind of a waste. What I don’t like is that every email they send out about some way to help loose weight is a product that will cost you money.


  • 10
    Your Name

    Trim down club gives no info when you want to cancel, don’t know how to contact them. Not very good on the computer. Would like a number to call.


  • 11

    As the old saying goes…If is sounds too good to be true, it usually is. They make their club sound as if you will lose the weight in a matter of days for just $47. Thank you all for your reviews, you have saved me money!!! I am so sorry for those of you who are victims!


  • 12
    Barbara lPenatzer

    Can’t get my $47 back. They made it sound so simple for refund. My Dr. Doesn’t want me on this program I have IBS.


    Tina Bourne

    Don’t waste your money on this program..they are all scam. If you want a refund you can file a report on FTC website, they will go after them people.


  • 13

    i need a refund on the program as i just found out from my husband that our healthcare provider offers a very similar program at NO cost to us… please refund my total amount as soon as possible …thank you


    Your Name

    Same here. I am going after the clickbank that took my money. Rebecca 08/13/15


  • 14
    Gary H

    The comments and raving about GMO’s lead me to believe they are not scientifically educated. I think they are a complete scam with questionable credentials.


  • 15

    what are the 5 items you are not suppose to eat – i heard concentrated orange juice – so whole orange juice is ok? = magarine, and whole wheat bread – then i must have zoned out *(i’m 69) possibly diet sugars (splenda etc) and diet sodas?? maybe flavored waters??? last two items anyone


    Your Name

    Soy and Corn, I think.


    Your Name

    Correct – processed Soy and Gentically modified corn – talked about this is the corn that is designed to fatten livestock.


    Your Name

    Processed soy and Gentically modified corn. They talk about this is the corn designed to fatten livestock.


  • 16
    Ardith Lutz

    I never received a confirmation e-mail. No email address to contact them. Other items added that I didn’t okay. I want all of my money.


  • 17
    marta cook

    I did some research & found some unfavorable remarks about TDC. Thank you for your input ppl as I am on a fixed income & all money is needed. Man they can really reel overweight ppl in with the promise pot weight loss


  • 18
    Sue b

    All recipes are USA based and the club was of no help whatever when I contacted them for British equivelants. I feel conned and unable to get my money back!


  • 19
    Kathy sutton

    I want my money back



    I want my money back Immediately!!!!!!


  • 20

    It looks like a scam. I paid by PayPal. The transaction was not confirmed by TDC but the money was taken. No email confirmation and no access to their site. I have complained to Paypal and my bank.
    I would like my money back but does not look good.


  • 21
    roberta sanders

    i want you to put my 47,00 back on my card


  • 22
    c brooks

    I put my card details in to pay then the page disappeared now I don’t know what will happen or if I,ve been charged I cannot find any contact details please I want my money back if its gone thru


  • 23
    emily francis

    I thank you all for your comments, reviews, etc. Their presentation is second to none. But before I commited I Googled Trim Down Club for reviews, what an eyeful. What a scam. Thank you dietsspotlight.com


  • 24
    Michelle Christie

    I only saw this review website after I already joined the Trim Down Club. I’m happy I did join the club and don’t really agree with the authors opinion, that’s why I want to let you know what I think.
    For me its an advantage to have a well organized site without advertisment and tools that are well maintained. So I know what I pay for.
    And also, more important even, the diet works and I understand the philosophy behind it. Its not crazy making you eat very one sided or not eat at all, but it just shows you which foods are better for you without to have to starve yourself. It takes an effort but its well worth it in my opinion.


  • 25
    Joanne Kendall

    Trim D Club taken two payments – when I upgraded – please return £35.85 my first payment – when I upgraded I did not spect to pay twice 2nd payment £42. Now overdrawn at ank. Your co. never asked for my address only post Code. My telephone no. 01253 729784 please ring to sort this out… Thank you. Joanne Kendall


  • 26
    William Bogart

    I just purchased membership in the Trim Down Club and did not realize it was all on line, I thought I was buying published material. How do I get my money back?


    frances alexander

    i did not realise it was all on line printer has broken down i wish a refund on my credit card account.
    thank you


    Frances Bailey

    Pleas send my money back or put back in my account. I did not realize I was getting on line material. When I sighed off and went to go back in I could not get in…



    You are aware that this is a review site and not the actual trim down club?
    I mean seriously…ask where you paid, not randomly on the internet. 😉


    Your Name

    Call your credit card company and put a stop payment.


  • 27
    Doris A. Swalling

    After reading the reviews online I wish to cancel my membership as of this minute and ask my membership fee to be returned.



    they make money hoping people don’t read the information – it says the price is low because all is online!!


  • 28
    Patricia Singler

    So far, really good. I ordered the Advanced Membership upgrade. There’s so much information provided in the Trim Down Club guides, and none of it is fluff! 3 months finished and I haven’t stalled. I keep loosing weight, and I’m totally in love with the Trim Down Club philosophy! Plus my menus are created just for me. To many great things going for me and the program 🙂


  • 29

    I’m glad I didn’t believe everything I read on this website and tried the Trim Down Club. I’m not sure how good I’ll be at it in the long run, but so far it’s been totally AWESOME!!! I don’t know how anybody can say anything bad about a website that gathers all the information you need and puts it all together for you. My time to find everything they gave me for $47 is worth a lot more than the time it would take to find it myself. As for the free sights, you get bombarded by advertising! I’m not going to name names but that one sight with the hundreds of obnoxious ads doesn’t Spark my interest or any other People I know. I’ve never seen even one ad on the Trim Down Club website. In the eight weeks I’ve already been on it, I’ve lost nearly four pounds, and I’m really happy.


    David Driggers

    Troll alert! I bet you Brie work for Trim Down Club. From what i see i can use the tools from My Fitness Pal and other sites for free!



    “nearly four pounds” in 8 weeks,doesn’t sound too great to me.


  • 30

    I’ve been on the Trim Down Club for a month and find it works great with my fitness pal. I enjoy the Menus, and easy to make recipes. Sorry to hear, you had a bad experience Russell, and hope you got your money back. For everyone posting on this review site, you’re questions or concerns will never be answered… Remember, this is not Trim Down, but it is a random review site.

    I think the Trim Down program as advantages. It’s cheap, and you get the one on one time in the Community forum that other sites can’t offer because of the amount of users they have to keep up with. They also keep their webpages clean, and easy to maneuver around. I’m satisfied with it. What’s there to loose…


  • 31
    Lucy Arnold

    I have been unable to use my Trimdown club because I find no way to log in to my account. There are too many choices that don’t work. I believe this is a scam. Please refund my $47.00 as I have been unable to use this system.


  • 32
    Diane Bashaw

    How do I get my money back?
    I just signed up yesterday, 3/6 but don’t feel I
    I will use it. They say I have 8 weeks to cancel.
    Recommended I copy the receipt, but when I tried, the receipt was covered by an incontinence add. Is there a contact site or telephone number to call?


    Carl Baxter

    If you signed up through click bank or pay pal; that is where you go to get a refund.


  • 33
    Russell Turner

    I just signed up to Trim Down Club before the weekend, pretty much solely for the recipe calculator. I am looking for inspiration to have a varied and balanced diet but using the principles that the TDC stands for. I really got on board with it, so I paid the fee. The first disappointment was when the fee went from the advertised £29 up to £37 when it came to checkout. I then spent a good 20 minutes ticking all my food choices from the options on the menu planner, excited to see the delicious recipes it would recommend for me once I’d completed my choices!

    What I got was essentially just the foods I’d put a tick next to, arranged in any old order by a computer just to balance them with each other. I don’t know the last time you had a snack which consisted of:

    1 cup of Tea, Black
    1 ounce of Tuna, Canned in Water
    1/2 cup of Shredded Wheat
    1 large Orange

    Or invited people round for dinner, and served them:

    1/4 tsp of Mustard
    1 100% Whole Grain/Wholemeal Roll
    1 cup of Kale
    3 ounces of Salmon?

    This was just a couple of ‘recipes’ from the first day. I had no interest whatsoever in looking any further, it was a total letdown and a huge waste of money. The site does contain recipes that people have sent input it gives no indication of the nutritional vales of each one, so you can’t use them to plan your weekly intake of food, I just feel as though I’ve been completely taken for a ride and been rinsed out of £37 which I really could have used right now.



    Russell, if you want a free site to do all you have mentioned and also allow for you to put in your own recipes and break down the nutrition, go to livestrong.com. The free membership is very informative and also helpful if you have diabetes.



    Thanks holly I will try that site


  • 34
    Donna L Norbury

    Where is the company located? Exactly what will I receive for $47.00? Thanks.


  • 35
    janet stephens

    I did not think my credit card went thru. I backed out of the site. Come to find out they worked and got it thru ther


  • 36
    janet stephens

    I’ve een trying to get a phone number for Trim Down Club. when I went to sign up my credit card did not clear. I backed out and didn’t think anything about it tell a e-mail told me it had been charged. I did not know this. I c nbealled my credit card company and they said they tried the next day and dropped the price $10.00 for it to go thru. I want this canceled, I have not received any information on the program


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