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What You Should Know

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Trim Energy is a product of To Go Brands. The “To Go” title refers to the portability of all products sold in the supplement line. Trim Energy is a packet that is mixed with water and consumed. This is a common delivery method for many weight loss supplements today. The result is a faster uptake of ingredients and, possibly, a prolonged effect as it takes longer to drink 20 ounces of water than swallow a pill. To Go Brands supplies all ingredient information, testimonials and customer service for interested dieters.

List of Ingredients

Triple Action Blend: Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract Decaffeinated, Ashwagandha Extract, Naturally Occurring Caffeine from Green Tea Extract.

Stevia Leaf Crystals, VitaFiber and Naturally Occurring Caffeine.

Product Features

Nothing is better than a sweet tasting drink that will increase weight loss and decrease jitters. Trim Energy claims to do both, but the ingredient list leaves a bit to be desired. The positive benefits of Trim Energy include a good supply of vitamins and chromium. Green tea is also part of the formula, though we have no idea how much so we cannot say whether that is a good benefit or not.

The negatives of Trim Energy are also in the ingredient list. Most ingredients are added as part of a proprietary blend with no real information on how much of each ingredient is included. Green tea, for instance, is only effective in certain amounts but without total amounts listed for the supplement, how are dieters supposed to know whether the supplement is effective.

Another negative is the caffeine amounts listed in the Trim Energy supplement. Naturally occurring caffeine is listed in the proprietary blend as is green tea which contains caffeine. Then caffeine is listed again as a standalone ingredient. There is no way of telling how much caffeine is in the supplement as a whole. There is a warning for caffeine sensitive dieters so we can assume the caffeine levels are higher than the 75 mg listed on the ingredient list.

The official website does not reveal how many packets are included in one order of Trim Energy for $25.95, but outside retailers claim there are 24 packets. Taking the supplement as directed, one box will last only 12 days.

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  • Green tea is clinically proven to increase weight loss.
  • Caffeine can boost metabolism.


  • One box only lasts 12 days.
  • The taste may not be palatable for some dieters.
  • Shipping and handling increases the price of the supplement.


We love new products that claim to increase weight loss and include natural ingredients that work. Trim Energy, however, includes these ingredients but fails to tell the dieter how much is in each packet. The fact that one box only lasts 12 days and that dieters who are sensitive to caffeine cannot take the supplement are both negatives.

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