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Trim for Life is not a pill, and it does not appear to be any type of formatted diet either. It was invented by Dr. Blanche Rosner, also known as Dr. Bunnie. It has been mentioned that she has been in the weight loss counseling business for 30 years. You can find the clinics in Stamford, Connecticut and Fairfield, Connecticut. In this review we will use the information that is available to us to try and determine whether or not this could be a legitimate and effective weight loss program.


The only ingredients that were found in this is what appears to be tons of counseling, advice, and encouragement at this facility.

Product Features

It appears as though this is a program that is based solely on psychology. What is meant by that is this is what is assumed to be a program that is meant to equip people with the knowledge that is needed in order to take control of your addiction to food. It appears as though it is designed with the type of people in mind that have attempted and failed fad diets and other dieting programs on numerous occasions . They may encourage the participants in the program to keep their focus even if they do cave in every now and then. It is meant to uplift the participant and teach them how to become familiar with their own physical urges and to rebuke the temptation to give in and give up.

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  • There is a note on the website that reads that they offer free advice in the afternoons.
  • Seems to get to the root of the problem, which is usually psychological.
  • It appears as though you may be able to personalize your options.
  • It does not seem like they are trying to cram their own “special products and formulas” down your throat.
  • It suggests eating healthy.


  • The pricing is a bit confusing.
  • The only clinics are in Connecticut.
  • The website could definitely use an improvement.
  • Contact numbers were not found.


We have to start by commending the creator of this program for recognizing the root of most obesity and addressing the problem. However, there seems to be an issue with the pricing. It appears as though some things may have been left off of the website that pertains to the pricing, leaving us confused. The reason is because we found one place that mentioned free advice in the afternoon hours, but there is nothing that says that it is nonprofit or free, but when searching the site there were no pricing options to be found. It is almost like they want to keep the price a secret. This may happen most often with companies that know that their prices are entirely too high, but they want to get you to call or come in so that they can hook you and make it harder to say no although the price may not be considered to be affordable. The only advice that I can give about this product is if you intend to visit the clinics, leave your wallets at home until you get to the bottom of the pricing options.

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