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There are a few different products available from Trim International. This company provides people with great products that are meant to improve the overall health of users. These products come in either a serum or in capsule form, and both forms are relatively expensive. One ounce of the serum costs over $30, and a one month supply of the capsules costs over $60. The serum is meant to be applied to help repair your skin by providing your body with collagen and hyaluronic acid. The pills are meant to produce the same effect by rejuvenating the cells in the user’s body. Both products are quite costly, and many people believe that these products do not work well enough to buy. These products can cost several dollars per day, and with very few reviews available, many people are leery of purchasing this product. Also, there are no free trials or risk free trials that are provided by this company. Overall, many people are unwilling to pay this high price for a product that is untested and unproven, and with no trial offers available, most people are too cautious to risk $60 or more of their money on these products and end up finding alternative products.

List of Ingredients

These products contain green tea extract, ginseng, vitamins, minerals, and much more. Some people have had adverse reactions to these ingredients however, but for the most part these ingredients do not cause much of a problem.

Product Features

These products are available easily online and the serum and capsules are both easy to use. These products have worked in some people, but most people are unwilling to risk this amount of money on a product that is untested.

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  • These products are easily available to buy online.
  • Trim International products are easy to use both in the pill form, and in the serum form.


  • These products can be quite expensive and most people are unwilling to pay this high price.
  • There are no trial offers available from this company and many people do not want to risk this high amount of money.
  • Trim International has very few product reviews available online.


Trim International provides two main products, but they are both fairly unproven. There are very few reviews available online and there are no before and after photos available. This product does not provide proven results and most people are not willing to risk this much money on a product that does not have a trial offer available online. Trim International is easy to find online from different supplements available online, but people usually end up looking for an alternative product because of the high costs and minimal benefits of these products

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