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Trim Kids is a book written by Melinda Sothern and T. Kristian von Almen. The book contains a 12 week program to help children lose weight. The authors recognize that parents may understand the basic factors contributing to weight gain in children including fast foods and sugared sodas, but many need a little help reaching weight loss goals without pushing a diet or exercise program. Weight loss early in life is a difficult concept because children are just learning about their bodies and how to deal with growing up.

List of Ingredients

Nutrition, exercise and behavioral changes to support child weight loss.

Product Features

The authors of Trim Kids start out the 12 week program with basic education about healthy eating habits and healthy behavior. The plan talks about reducing calories, eating only until full, eating fewer high sugar snacks and foods and increasing fiber in the diet. The beginning lessons also include fun exercise activities like dancing and playing in place of more structured exercise programs that feel more like work than fun.

Kids and parents gain access to a Trim Kids journal for activity, tables and pictures to help kids learn proper portion sizes, calorie table with a list of calories burned during normal activities and recipes. Parents are encouraged to keep daily checklists, reports and goal sheets so kids can stay dedicated to the weight loss system while seeing progress.

Children are unable to take weight loss supplements, so this program may be a good alternative. Parents should be wary of language used when talking about weight loss with kids. Many body image issues are linked to dieting early in life and if a child feels a parent is starting this program because they think the child is fat that could change their perception of body image enough to cause trouble in the future.

The Trim Kids program sells for less than $1.00 on It is best to purchase the book new instead of used because a used version may not include all the extras described on the official Trim Kids website.

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  • Trim Kids support healthy changes for weight loss.
  • Kids are encouraged to have fun with the program.
  • Healthy dietary choices are taught so kids learn proper nutrition and portions.


  • Parents may have to learn more about proper weight loss language to use with kids.


The obesity epidemic in children is growing by leaps and bounds, but fighting weight gain in children can be hard. Trim Kids attempts to teach parents how to lose weight and exercise while keeping the fun in weight loss. Children are delicate and this book seems to gently teach new behaviors while supporting healthy food and nutritional choices.

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