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Trim Nutrition is a supplement company founded by a physician. The products embrace all facets of weight loss and healthy weight management. Unlike similar products, the products from Trim Nutrition are formulated by doctors, chemists and pharmacists. The company uses proven weight loss ingredients such as green tea, caffeine and chromium in order to promote weight loss. The products are available on the website as well as the ingredients. We did notice the price. Budget-conscience dieter be aware, Trim Nutrition products are rather expensive. Are the products better considering they are doctor-formulated? We will take a closer look and find out.

List of Ingredients


  • Supplement company specializing in thermogenic, nutritional and weight management supplements.

Product Features

Trim Nutrition is supplement company specializing is weight management, vitamin injectors, nutritional and energy supplements. The company was founded by Dr. Brent Agin. He started the company as a means to incorporate nutrition into the lives of individuals struggling with weight management. The product line on the website feature proven weight loss ingredients such as caffeine, green tea and chromium.

Although there are several products containing proven weight loss ingredients, we noticed several items where the ingredients were listed in a proprietary blend. This is concerning considering the effectiveness of the proven ingredients when combined with other ingredients.

Although the company was started by a physician, there is no information or links to clinical trials. This would add to the believability of the product line. We also have to note the price of the supplements. The products listed on the website were at the higher end of the spectrum. Several of the supplements exceeded $100.

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  • The products are available n the website.
  • Dieters can learn about the ingredients, as they are available on the website.
  • The products are backed by scientific research.


  • There was no evidence of clinical trials.
  • The majority of the supplements require dieters to inject themselves.
  • The supplements are expensive.
  • Several of the ingredients are listed in proprietary blends.


There are several factors making Trim Nutrition a reputable company. We like how a licensed physician started the company. The company can state there is clinical research and scientific research associated with the claims. We looked through the product assortment and aside from a few supplements; the ingredients contain proven weight loss ingredients. We noticed several of the supplements with ingredients listed in proprietary blends. This is a concern. The dieter will not know how much of proven ingredients consumed on a daily basis. A major concern we want to note is the majority of the supplements require dieters to inject themselves. This is a concern for individuals with predisposition to needles.

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    I have been using Trim Nutrition for almost a year. Everything was going great until they though they thought they had me hooked as a customer and started taking me for granted. I was mocked by customer service on one of the customer service reps FB account. I would suggest using US Injectibles which was founded (as stated by Trim N) by a former employee. Same stuff, just better service and less expensive. It was suggested I was a dummy after all the $ I spent on their products. No apologies, just everything was my fault! GO ELSEWHERE!!!