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Trim Shake is available in health stores around the country. This product has been around for over fifteen years; it has been clinically proven to shrink fat cells and many people love what this does to their figure. This product can help regulate body weight and metabolism in users. Trim Shake is available in vanilla or chocolate shake flavor and can be mixed with milk, water, fruit juice, yogurt, and other products. This product is meant as a meal replacement shake, and it has fewer calories than other meals. Many people are left hungry after their shake. These shakes very expensive, and many people cannot afford the high prices, one canister of the shake formula can cost over $50. This can be too expensive for many people, but some people are satisfied with the performance. Overall, many people are satisfied with the results of this product, but most people do not believe that the high prices are worth the minimal results. Trim Shake is a good product that has helped some, but most of the people that have used this product agree that it is overpriced and ineffective.

List of Ingredients

Trim Shakes contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are meant to help you curb your cravings, metabolize fat, and tone muscles. These ingredients are meant to substitute for a meal, but they are not substantial enough to replace a full meal.

Product Features

Trim Shake offers users the chance to take a weight supplement without swallowing a pill. Many people love the ability to take this in shake form rather than pills or creams and think that this is a great alternative to other forms of supplements for people that cannot take other forms of supplements. These shakes can be bitter, but some people do like them. They can be taken with milk, water, juice, or other liquids, and should be used as a meal replacement for best results.

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  • This product is easy to use, and it comes in an easy to consume shake.
  • Trim Shakes do not cause adverse side effects in most people.


  • Many people believe that these products have a bitter taste.
  • These shakes can cost quite a bit, and most people believe that the high prices are worth the ineffective results.
  • These products have been used by many people, but most people that have used them think that they are ineffective and are not worth the prices.


Trim Shakes are easy to take, but many people think that they are ineffective and can taste bitter. These shakes are expensive and most people believe that it is not worth it because of the high costs and because there are very few results available on their website. This is a good company, but this product has many flaws that lead most people to find a better weight loss alternative.

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    Click Trim Shake is the most effective shake I ever use. I’ve been drinking it for 2 weeks every morning and night I lost 4 kg


  • 2

    What if the expiration date is may 1 2014, it is good if i drink?



    Nanette, I want to know too, did u get the answer ??