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What You Should Know

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Tri-Matrix for Women is an Ephedra supplement that was extremely popular when Ephedra was legal. Originally, tri-Matrix was developed as a unisex product, but the manufacturer chose to change up the formula and redistribute it to women. The ingredient list does not include an herbal alternative to aspirin, which was common when Tri-Matrix for Women was popular.

This supplement is no longer available for sale. Women who find Tri-Matrix for Women available online should steer clear of the product. Either the label from an old product is being used on a formula that does not contain Ephedra or the supplement is being sold illegally.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous, Ephedra, Phenyl-1-Aminoethane, Pomegranate Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Quercetin, Cinnamon Extract, Green Tea, Black Tea, Guggulsterone, Gymnema Sylvestre, Hoodia, Yohimbine and Folic Acid.

Product Features

We are always tickled by weight loss supplements geared toward women without any real ingredients that benefit female health. Aside from folic acid, which is important during pregnancy when the dieter should not be dieting or taking a weight loss supplement, there are no ingredients just for women.

The first two ingredients, caffeine and Ephedra are the source of all weight loss success. Caffeine, at 125 mg, is catalyst for the 12.5 mg of Ephedra. Caffeine is used in conjunction with Ephedra to sustain the appetite suppressing and fat burning effects of the herb. When taking in low doses, caffeine is effective as a fat burner, but taking it with Ephedra cancels out any positive benefits.

The product description lists pomegranate, grape seed extract and green tea as being anti-oxidants. This is completely true, but anti-oxidants play only a small, secondary role in weight loss. The manufacturer also claims the supplement is all-natural and will not cause jitters or crash. By the end of the Ephedra reign, it was not jitters and crashes that men and women had to worry about, it was long-term side effects of the powerful stimulant.

Tri-Matrix for Women sold for $39.99. According to, the product is still available for sale even though Ephedra is not a legal ingredient.

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  • Complete ingredient list online.
  • Green tea is an effective weight loss ingredient.


  • Ephedra is not a legal ingredient.
  • Some dieters could experience rapid heart rate and side effects.


Tri-Matrix for Women is not a supplement geared toward just women. There are no ingredients that would separate this supplement from millions of others out there, aside from the Ephedra content. There are several supplements on that claim to contain legal Ephedra, but we are not sure there is a legal Ephedra unless they are including Bitter Orange or synephrine under the name Ephedra. Ordering Ephedra based products could result in a seizure of the supplement package.

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