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Dr. Ivan Goldsmith offers weight loss management through his office in Las Vegas, NV. At the heart of the TrimCare service is the prescription drug Phentermine and injections of fat burners and HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. There is no mention on the official website of patients requiring a medical visit before paying the huge sum for services provided which could be deemed as the same as selling prescription medications.

List of Ingredients

Phentermine prescription, fat burner injections, HCG injections, EKG, body fat analysis and cardiac evaluation.

Product Features

At first glance, the $499 price tag hits the dieter in the face. What diet plan could be worth $499; one that is based on prescription appetite suppressants and fat burning injections. There is something that does not feel right about this program as dieters can pay for the service with Paypal before having the initial appointment. There is no mention of whether the money will be refunded if it is deemed a health risk for the patient to take Phentermine or if current medications will interfere with any of the injections.

The website does not offer much information on the doctor aside from a picture and brief bio. There is also another physician in the practice, Jill Oliver. She is also an MD. In addition to the $499 payment, there are charges that will be added for protein powders and meal replacements by TrimCare. There is a complete store available on the official website selling everything from soup to shakers to supplements. All supplements are outrageously overpriced, such as $45 for a bottle of B 12 drops that sells in stores for less than $10.

We are more concerned about the Phentermine prescription and injections than anything else. There is no testimonial portion of the website, so dieters cannot see the results from the program for themselves. There are health risks associated with medical weight loss, especially when a drug that suppresses appetite is involved. Dieters will still need to eat well and workout to lose weight.

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  • Medically supervised.


  • There is no description of the fat burner injection.
  • Phentermine should not be taken by every dieter.
  • The TrimCare program can be paid for online with Paypal without an appointment.
  • Supplements are overpriced.


TrimCare is a medical weight loss service that some men and women may find success with, but only under the care of a physician that offers a health checkup before prescription medications are doled out. It looks like anyone can click a link and pay $499 for a prescription of the appetite Phentermine which is not the image most doctors wish to portray if image is anything. TrimCare is a service we would suggest dieters stay away from.

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  • 1

    TrimCare has a really great program! I was able to lose 56lbs and keep it off. I’m thinking of signing up again for some maintenance.



    Was it expensive ?


    Candace (Editor)

    On avg. around $500.


  • 2

    They’re so strict there! you can’t get phentermine even after dr visit and vitals if blood pressure is too high. Personally witnessed an outraged patient who gave the staff such a hard time, all because the physician and nurses feared complications due to his cardiac risk. No diet is worth dying for! I believe you can prepay for nutrition & weigh ins/diet coaching… but you don’t know what program you’ll be on until you get the full work up (including EKG, body fat & BMI & 2 annoyingly LONG visit!!) Goldsmith is brilliant but personality is lacking, the girls are like family & best yet, prices have come down, could come down a little more!


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