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TrimDay claims to be the only diet supplement that includes the powerhouse combination of Hoodia, Green tea extract, and Advantra-Z. When combined these 3 ingredients claim to create an excellent atmosphere within the body for maximum weight loss potential and results. Apparently users will be able to lose weight with TrimDay without feeling hungry or deprived. More importantly, you can do it while enjoying energy without jitters.

Each of the ingredients in TrimDay is included for a specific beneficial reason. They are all dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss and diet needs. Whether you need to lose a few pounds quickly or are seeking a sustainable weight loss and diet plan for a major weight loss endeavor, you will find that TrimDay claims to be the perfect companion for your efforts.

List of Ingredients

TrimDay is made with Hoodia, Advantra Z, Green tea extract, Glucosamine, Glucomannan, White Willow Bark, Dutch Cocoa Extract, and Vanadium.

Product Features

TrimDay is a diet supplement that claims to be formulated to enhance your diet and aid your weight loss efforts. It is not a magic pill that will melt the pounds away while you sleep. It has targeted ingredients that each zero in on a specific weight loss trouble spot. TrimDay is meant to suppress your appetite and provide you with the energy necessary to get through your day and work a little physical fitness into your routine. However, doctors are currently a bit weary of this type of diet supplement, fearing that users run the risk of overexerting themselves without the proper nutrition to back them up.

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  • A $1 trial is available on some sites, and a 14-day trial is available on the official website for $6.95.
  • Convenient auto ship program so users always have a fresh supply.


  • Very few reviews and little information from actual users.
  • May cause jitters in those who are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Doesn’t really promote a specific nutrition and/or fitness plan.
  • Some doctors are concerned that appetite suppresants discourage proper nutrition.


The battle of the bulge has been a losing proposition for millions of people around the world. There is no quick fix solution to the problem that plagues so many, but a concerted effort to maintain a healthier diet and better overall fitness would be a solid start. TrimDay claims to help users achieve this by regulating the metabolism. The hardest part for most people is the beginning, and a product such as TrimDay can help you take that first step, assuming that it is effective.

With the $1 trial and an average cost of a little less than $1 per day you really can’t claim that the cost is too great. TrimDay is definitely worth the price you pay for it if it works, but the jury is still out as to how effective it may really be. While there are no obvious health warnings for trying the product, proper nutrition is always a concern when suppresing appetite while kicking up your fitness regimen. We recommend using the trial offers first if you are still interested in TrimDay. Just be sure to cancel your membership quickly before you are automatically sent another bottle and billed for it.

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  • 1
    Deborah Thompson

    I believed that I cancelled the order awhile back earlier in the summer I don’t have $74at this time


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  • 3

    they dont do nothing for me but make me eat more so tell me what going on with these pill cancel my or membership is finish .


  • 4

    i need my money back too!!!


  • 5
    pam phillippi

    i want to stop my membership, let me know what i have to do to stop this ………….


  • 6
    jeannette groff

    need to cancel..not happy with product.


  • 7

    does it really works


  • 8
    linda romain

    i need to get my money back i made a mistake do not want it



    @ linda dd they not work