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TriMedica International, Inc., is a health product company that was founded in 1993. The company manufactures natural supplements of all kinds, designed to support a healthy lifestyle. Its 36,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant is located in Tempe, Arizona.

TriMedica offers products for many types of health needs. These include supplements and personal care products. They also have literature and books available on various health topics.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable; this is a company name, not a product name. The company sells multiple products.

Product Features

TriMedica offers products for many health categories, including acid/alkaline balancing, anti-aging, bone and joint support, digestive health, eye care, heart health, immune system support, inflammation and pain support, trace minerals, joint support, men’s products, women’s products, personal care, natural sweeteners, and sleep support.

TriMedica products are not geared toward weight loss, although some may affect your weight in a positive way. In general, if they improve your health they will improve your ability to lose weight. Some products support your metabolic functions, which may help you lose weight. Other products are geared toward helping digestive issues, which also may affect weight.

An example of one TriMedica product that is supposed to aid the digestive system and metabolism is All Complete Enzymes. This capsule product is meant to be taken as a supplement and comes in a 90-ct. bottle for $29.95. Enzymes are critical to the digestive process and include three types of important enzymes: metabolic enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, and plant/food enzymes. All Complete Enzymes contains 8 ingredients that help the body break down fats, carbs, proteins, and fiber; promote intestinal health; and provide trace minerals. Lipase is one enzyme included which breaks down fats and fatty acids. Amylase breaks down starch and other carbs. Acidophilus is a beneficial bacteria that helps keep the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

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  • A variety of products available for many different health needs.
  • Product pricing appears to be average.


  • The company’s various products do not even claim to (or are not supposed to) help you lose weight.
  • Has a lack of before/after photos.
  • Has no money-back guarantee.
  • Has no free gift with purchase.
  • Does not highlight the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Some website tabs for literature and books did not lead to anything.


If you are looking for a weight-loss supplement, TriMedica is not the place to find it. Their products may do what they claim to do, but they do not claim to help you lose weight. They may assist weight-loss somewhat, but they will not give you what you need to lose a significant number of pounds. Use these products to gain other health benefits, and look elsewhere for herbal weight-loss supplements.

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    Tried using AlkaMax ph test strips as per the directions and was given no color change. I did this test with both urine and saliva