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What You Should Know

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TrimFlex is an herbal diet supplement that is supposed to support the body in a weight-loss program. It is a synergistic blend of herbs that increase fat metabolism and energy levels. The herbal blend is said to have originated in Asia and been in use there for thousands of years.

There is little information to be found on TrimFlex. It is sold only on websites based in the UK, and there is no site for the manufacturer.

List of Ingredients

Trim Flex contains Chinese haethorne (fruit), Astragalus (root), Asian water plantain (rhizome), Codonopis (root), Foti (dried root tuber), and Tienchi ginseng (root).

Product Features

This product comes in bottles of 60 300 mg pills. Two pills should be taken twice a day.

The ingredients in TrimFlex are supposed to balance metabolism, reduce weight, and increase energy. It is also supposed to control appetite, stimulate blood circulation, and break down fat. According to the company, the ingredients are common herbal remedies found in Asia. For instance, ginseng root is a common health remedy that contains antioxidants and minerals, which strengthen the immune system and increase energy. Chinese hawthorne is claimed to be a weight loss aid, and some people believe it strengthens the heart.

The main issue with this product is that there is little information to be found about it. There are no research studies about its effects, no official website, and no way to find out the amounts of the ingredients included.

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  • A thermogenic formulation.


  • Has a lack of before/after photos.
  • Has no money-back guarantee.
  • Has no free gift with purchase.
  • Not for use when pregnant.
  • Available only from UK sites.
  • The British price is 19.99 pounds per bottle, about $35 in U.S. currency. At four pills a day, this is roughly $2.33 a day, which is rather expensive.
  • User reviews are often negative, claiming little or no results, including no weight loss, no increase in energy.
  • Little to no information on product specifics, leaving no way to determine if the product is truly effective or safe.


TrimFlex cannot be recommended until more information on the product is made available. If a user is concerned about possible reactions, there is no complete ingredient listing to be found. There are no studies to prove its safety or its effectiveness. The claim that it has been used in Asia for thousands of years is propagandistic and has no historical evidence to prove or explain it. In short, if you are interested in using TrimFlex you will have to use the trial-and-error method to determine if it is safe or effective. This is a very inferior method compared to careful, scientific research.

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