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Trimma is a chocolate weight control snack available from a couple of websites online. We were unable to find a lot of information on the supplement other than the suggested use and a brief description of two of the active ingredients in the supplement. Chocolate and other candy flavors are commonly used to mask diet pills as candy.

We did not find an official website for the company that’s behind Trimma. The ingredient list is incomplete and the two ingredients listed are branded ingredients from another company all together. The price we found for Trimma was about $20, but we have no idea how many servings come in one order.

List of Ingredients


  • Pinnothin – Korean Pine Oil Extract
  • Slendesta – Natural Potato Extract

Product Features

We know Trimma contains more than pine nut oil and potato extract, but these two ingredients prove how the chocolate supplement works. Pinnothin is supposed to help control appetite and Slendesta supplies protein that tricks the brain into feeling full. The chocolate snack could suppress appetite, but weight loss is about more than feeling full. Feeling full does nothing to change how dieters look at food. If the dieter uses Trimma and they still choose to eat fast foods and unhealthy calorie-dense meals, they will gain weight even if they eat less.

Despite the fall backs of an appetite suppressant, Trimma is a healthy addition to any weight loss program. Not all fat burners contain strong appetite suppressants, so even the smallest change in mindset toward food helps. If the dieter is dedicated to losing weight and they have adopted a reduced calorie healthy diet plan – Trimma could help reduce the hunger pangs felt between meals and after eating smaller meals.

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  • Reviews of Trimma claim the taste is fantastic.
  • Can be used multiple times a day to reduce hunger and suppress appetite.
  • Contains no stimulants so it can be stacked with other supplements.


  • The dieter needs to adopt a reduced calorie diet for Trimma to work.
  • There is no mention of exercise or a diet plan.
  • The lack of stimulants means metabolism is not affected by Trimma.


Trimma is a chocolate candy that suppresses appetite. The complete ingredient list for the supplement is not available online and that means the dieter has no idea how many calories are in each Trimma serving or how much sugar the supplement provides. We’d love to say this is the only product you’ll need to lose weight, but that is not the case. Trimma may reduce appetite, but it will not work if the dieter does not work hard to lose weight.

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    Are you sure you reviewed the correct product here? I take Trimma everyday and it is a capsule and there is not oil in it what so ever.