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Trimspa Froodia is a weight loss supplement that falls under the umbrella of Trimspa X32′s fat burners. The manufacturers of the product claim that the supplement helps with rapid weight loss. The product comes in either pill or nutrient bar form. The manufacturers state that by taking the prescribed doses, customers will be able to see fast results.

Trimspa Froodia tries to employ the idea of thermogenesis in the product. The manufacturers of Trimspa Froodia want to speed up the metabolism in order to see rapid weight loss.

At one point manufacturing of the product was banned because the supplement contained large amounts of Ephedra. Since the ban on Ephedra, Trimspa Froodia has been re-designed and manufactured.

List of Ingredients

The manufacturers of Trimspa Froodia claim that their product is 100% all natural. The product contains chromium, citrus naringin, glucosamin HCI, green tea extract, hoodia Gordonii, vanadiym, glucomanna, and cocoa extract. The product also contains large amounts of caffeine and sugar.

Product Features

The manufacturers of Trimspa Froodia claim that steady use of their product will result in rapid weight loss. By the use of thermogenesis, the product seeks to raise the metabolism levels. This causes the body to work harder in order to burn excess weight and calories. This results in a lose of weight around the mid section, thighs, and buttocks./p>

The other main feature of Trimspa Froodia is the use of Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a natural, cactus like plant, found in Africa. Hoodia Gordonii helps suppress the body’s appetite, decreasing food intake. However, it is hard to get the product in its natural form. The manufactures of Trimspa Froodia claim that they use a 100% all natural and pure form of Hoodia Gordonii.

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  • Trimspa Froodia uses the idea of thermogenesis in order to bring about rapid weight loss results.
  • The weight loss supplement is relatively inexpensive compared to other leading brands.
  • The manufacturers use a 100% all natural mixture.


  • Trimspa Froodia contains large amounts of caffeine and sugar. This can be an unhealthy mixture for many people. Also, large amounts of caffeine is unhealthy for the body.
  • Hoodia Gordonii has not lived up to the expectations of suppressing the appetite.
  • Many people claim that the product has not helped with rapid weight loss.
  • The company’s claims of rapid weight loss may be a bit exaggerated.
  • They fail to provide before and after pictures.
  • It appears that the product is either very hard to locate or it is no longer on the market.


Trimspa Froodia has been endorsed by many celebrities and claims rapid weight loss. Through the use of thermogenesis the manufacturers wish to speed up the metabolism.

However, due to rather unhealthy ingredients and poor reviews, Trimspa Froodia may not be the best weight loss supplement.

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