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What You Should Know

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Trinitine is a supplement by Albion Labs. The supplement contains only three ingredients, but they work together to prevent common side effects associated with one of the three. We commend Albion Labs for trying to stop muscle cramping and water retention, but we doubt there are many bodybuilder who have not tried taking electrolytes to stop the effects of creatine. Trinitine is not a new supplement and it contains less than half the creatine in most bodybuilding products. The company tries to hide how little creatine is included by listing it in mg instead of grams.

Creatine is not a supplement designed for dieting. It will cause the dieter to gain weight and water retention in the muscle can cause cramping. It is important to remember that the heart is a muscle. Bodybuilders are forced to take diuretics to remove all the water the muscle holds on to while taking creatine.

List of Ingredients

Creatine MagnaPower as Magnesium Creatine Chelate, KCC as Potassium Creatine Chelate and NaCC as Sodium Creatine Chelate.

Product Features

It looks like we are throwing a chelate party and Trinitine is all decked out for the show. Chelate is just a word describing the bond that holds the creatine and potassium or creatine and sodium together. These ingredients are formed in a laboratory. Chelating the ingredient does not improve how it works in the body or decrease potential side effects.

Potassium and sodium are commonly used to fight electrolyte imbalance when you are sick. They are used because water loss causes and imbalance in electrolytes. The same can be said for water gain. When there is too much water, electrolytes are still imbalanced. Cramping in the muscle can occur. While this is a side effect bodybuilders are willing to take for the muscle gains associated with creatine, supplement companies try to create the optimal creatine supplement with the least amount of side effects. We support Trinitine for attempting to create a unique supplement, but potassium and sodium are not going to stop the cramps.

The product description for Trinitine goes into great detail about potassium creatine chelate and sodium creatine chelate. The description of the processed these ingredients perform in the body is highly scientific and very difficult for the average visitor to read. When a company talks over the dieter, they are less likely to purchase the product.

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  • Extremely detailed product description.
  • Contains creatine, proven to support muscle growth.
  • Designed to hydrate muscles.


  • The product description is written in scientific tongue.
  • The potassium and sodium will not stop cramping.
  • There is only 2 grams of creatine in the supplement.


We understand the need for creatine and we know bodybuilders are willing to take the cramping for the positive results creatine provides, but when a company sells a product with less creatine we wonder what place that product has on the market.

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