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Triphala Internal Cleanse has a special formula designed to help detoxify the body. Detoxifying the body helps with rapid weight loss. Many people are often unaware of the need to detoxify the body. However, detoxifying the body often solves many of the problems that people are plagued with.

Triphala Internal Cleanse uses a natural compound called Triphala. It is an all-natural mixture of berries that comes from India. People have been using the compound for centuries in order to help with improving bodily health. Triphala greatly helps to cleanse and purify the blood stream of toxins – detoxifying the body.

List of Ingredients

Triphala Internal Cleanse is a 100% all natural dieting and detoxifying compound. The manufacturers claim that the main ingredient is Triphala, which is made up of the Amla fruit, Behada fruit, and the Harada fruit. However, they fail to include the rest of the ingredients of Triphala Internal Cleanse.

Product Features

The manufacturers of Triphala Internal Cleanse claim that their product helps to detoxify the body. Detoxifying the body helps to improve overall bodily health. One of the main reasons for detoxifying the body is to improve the immune system. By strengthening the immune system, your body will be better able to fight off disease and bacteria.

Triphala Internal Cleanse acts as a natural energy booster. Because Triphala Internal Cleanse does not contain large doses of Caffeine or sugar, you do not experience the “crash” or sudden lack of energy later on that is typical with most energy boosters. The manufacturers of Triphala Internal Cleanse claim their product acts as a great natural alternative to many energy boosters on the market.

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  • The main advantage of Triphala Internal Cleanse is that it helps to detoxify the body. This, in turn, helps to strengthen the immune system. With a strengthened immune system, you are more able to fight off diseases and infections.
  • The detoxifying supplement is relatively cheap compared to other supplements on the market.
  • Triphala Internal Cleanse helps to improve overall bodily health.


  • Triphala Internal Cleanse has not been approved by the FDA nor has it gone through substantial clinical testing.
  • The manufacturers fail to provide a full ingredient list.
  • They fail to provide before and after pictures.
  • Triphala Internal Cleanse appears to either be very hard to find or no longer on the market.


The manufacturers of Triphala Internal Cleanse seek to create a product that will help to both detoxify the body as well as help with rapid weight lose. They feel that detoxifying the body is the key to losing weight.

While the theory behind the product seems sound, the compound Triphala has not gone through many tests to determine its effectiveness.

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    What is the internal cleanse used it to lose weight.. I just found it on my shelf..Please help me!
    Thanks, Faye