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What You Should Know

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Triple-Cleanse is a digestive cleansing supplement that also aids in weight loss. Triple-Cleanse is manufactured by GNC. Many people experience failing health and increased weight because of the poor lifestyle they live. Many of the foods people eat are full of chemicals and fillers. Also, people do not exercise properly nor do they get the required amount of sleep. It is no wonder bad eating habits have had a negative impact on the immune and digestive systems. Triple-Cleanse seeks to reverse those effects.

Triple-Cleanse is taken over a 21-day time period. The manufacturers have divided the formula into three steps – Colon Prep, Colon Flush, and Colon Renew.

Triple-Cleanse has been fully approved by the FDA and GNC for sales. The product has gone through many clinical trials and the manufacturers guarantee that the product works.

List of Ingredients

The manufacturers of Triple-Cleanse claim that the product is composed of all natural ingredients. They state the supplement contains herbs, minerals, and probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and Acidophilus. However, the manufacturers fail to provide the full list of ingredients found in Triple-Cleanse.

Product Features

Triple-Cleanse is a natural supplement designed to cleanse the colon. Due to unhealthy eating habits and stress, the colon can often become filled with toxins, which causes poor health, fatigue, and weight gain. Triple-Cleanse seeks to eradicate these problems through a natural blend of ingredients.

The manufacturers have designed a simple 21-day method in order to cleanse the Colon of antioxidants and toxins. The three stages of the supplement seek to Prep the Colon, Flush the Colon, and Renew the colon.

Triple-Cleanse can also help with weight loss. The manufacturers state that by relieving the Colon of toxins and cleansing the immune and digestive system, the body is less likely to hang onto excess fat and calories. This causes for the body to lose weight.

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  • Improves overall bodily health. Triple-Cleanse can help to prevent colon cancer.
  • Triple-Cleanse is a natural, organic supplement that is approved by the FDA and GNC for sale.
  • Triple-Cleanse seeks to purify the immune and digestive systems, allowing for a healthier colon.


  • The product can be relatively expensive.
  • The manufacturers of Triple-Cleanse fail to provide the full listing of ingredients for the supplement.
  • Some people have reported ill side effects from using Triple-Cleanse.
  • The website can be challenging to navigate.


Triple-Cleanse provides a natural way to cleanse the colon from impurities and toxins. In a day where people do not take the necessary care that their bodies require, Triple-Cleanse provides a way in which to help strengthen the colon. Triple-Cleanse also helps to strengthen the immune system, promote overall bodily health, and prevent colon cancer.

The product can be a bit pricy. Also, the manufacturers claims of weight loss may be a bit exaggerated. However, when bodily health is key, Triple-Cleanse may be able to help with strengthening the colon against toxins.

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