Triple Greens Review

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If you take your time, you can discover all sorts of supplements that aid with weight loss, muscle building, joint pain, improved energy, digestive function, and overall health. In this review, we will look at a product offered by Purity Products. It is Triple Greens, and it is a capsule formula that is fine for women and men alike. According to the manufacturer, this supplement provides as many antioxidants as 9+ servings of vegetables and fruits. Triple Greens is available for around $35 per bottle.


  • Barely Grass Powder
  • Wheat Grass Powder
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina Powder
  • Sprouted Barley Malt
  • Alfalfa Powder
  • Aloe Leaf Powder
  • Grapeseed Extract
  • Blueberry Powder
  • Raspberry Powder
  • Strawberry Powder
  • Acerola
  • Papaya Powder
  • Pineapple Powder
  • Bilberry Extract Powder
  • Banana Powder
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Kale Powder
  • Celery Powder
  • Carrot Powder
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Oat Beta Glucan
  • Apple Fiber Pectin
  • Brown Rice Bran
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Cellulase
  • Quercetin
  • Red Grape Skin Extract
  • Tumeric Root Extract
  • Cranberry Extract
  • Orange Powder
  • Prune Powder
  • Apple Powder
  • Cranberry Powder
  • Broccoli Powder
  • Spinach Leaf Powder
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifido Bacterium Longum
  • Lactobacillus Casei
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Milled Flaxseed
  • Milk Thistle Extract

Product Features

Triple Greens is taken daily, three capsules with water. The purpose of this supplement is to boost immune system health, improve brain health, ignite energy levels, and even promote heart health. Furthermore, this product may also help with digestive function, and assist with weight management. According to the website, Triple Greens capsules are pesticide-free.

The one ingredient we found in Triple Greens that may aid with weight management is Green Tea Extract 500mg. It boosts the metabolism and energy levels. Super fruits like cranberries, blueberries, prunes, red grapes, and raspberries are also used in this formula. They provide ample antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals. Ingredients like wheat grass, tumeric root, milled flaxseed, spirulina, and chlorella are incorporated to improve the digestive system and help with regularity.

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  • This supplement formula is free of pesticides.
  • This product provides a lot of antioxidants to benefit overall health.
  • Triple Greens may help improve digestive function.


  • This supplement does not suppress hunger.
  • It is always better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables than to rely on a supplement version.
  • This product is not specifically for fat loss or weight management.
  • When you consider the long list of ingredients used in Triple Greens, some people might experience allergic reactions.


First of all, it is clear that Triple Greens is intended to provide you with vitamins and antioxidants if you do not get enough servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet. However, keep in mind that the real thing is always better than a pill version. On the other hand, this supplement may be beneficial to your overall health, when added to a healthy diet plan. Just do not expect Triple Greens to encourage serious fat loss.

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