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We live in a day where relatively few people take proper care of their bodies. People do not eat well, they rarely exercise and often do not get the sleep that they need. It is no wonder there are many detoxifying products on the market today. However, Triple Leaf Detox Tea offers a different approach to detoxifying your body. They combine a pleasant tea mixture with herbal supplements that aid in the detoxifying process.

The manufacturers of Triple Leaf Detox Tea use tried and true methods by which to accomplish the goal of detoxifying the body. The manufacturers state that there are too many products on the market that offer success but fail to provide. They claim that their product is guaranteed to detoxify the body.

Triple Leaf Detox Tea combines a pleasant tasting tea with the compounds that aid in detoxifying the body. The product also helps with weight loss and boosting energy.

List of Ingredients

Triple Leaf Detox Tea is made up of 100% all natural ingredients. The ingredient list contains Red Clover, Dandelion, Schisandra, Ginger, Fo-Ti, Burdock, Chineses Licorice, Lysimachia, Loranthus, Japanese Honeysuckle, Siler, Tokyo Violet, Chinese Mint, Chinese Cinnomon, Lopatherum, Pulsatilla, Duckweed, While Mulberry, Isatis, Perilla, and Phellodendron.

Product Features

Triple Leaf Detox Tea aids in detoxifying the body. Many people fail to realize that their lack of energy, weight gain, and other problems often come from failure to detoxify the body. Triple Leaf Detox Tea helps to purify the blood stream, removing toxins and lowering red blood cell counts.

Detoxifying the body also aids in strengthening the immune system. This aids in preventing disease and infections. It also promotes better overall bodily health.

Triple Leaf Detox Tea can be used as a natural “pick me up” during the day. The tea helps to naturally increase alertness and improves body energy. And since the product does not contain Caffeine, you do not experience the “crash” or sudden drop in energy that is common with other energy boosters.

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  • Triple Leaf Detox Tea improves overall bodily health. By detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system, the compound helps to create a healthier body.
  • Triple Leaf Detox Tea can encourage rapid weight loss and can be used as a natural energy booster.
  • The product is fairly inexpensive.


  • Not a lot is known about Triple Leaf Detox Tea.
  • Some people have reported problems when trying to purchase the tea through the manufacturers.
  • The manufacturers fail to provide customer reviews of the product.
  • You must be a tea drinker.


Triple Leaf Detox Tea seeks to educate people on taking better care of their bodies. The manufacturers claim that their product helps to detoxify the body. This aids in improving overall bodily health.

Not much is know about this product. However, for those who enjoy tea, this product may be a successful choice in helping to detoxify the body.

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  • 1

    I absolutely love and I mean love their products. I use the detox tea and the slimming tea. They both are great. You can truly feel the difference. Just be careful with the slimming tea it eliminate slot of the food from your body. Lol read the directions


  • 2

    Very very bad side effects. Headache never stops.nausea. bitter taste in mouth.fatigue etc.terrible


  • 3

    does this detox tea help you lose weight?


    Stephen (Editor)

    This tea claims to aid in overall bodily health, flushing out toxins and boosting energy. Supposedly, with these qualities combined, the dieter would lose weight more easily.


  • 4

    Can you drink this tea cold


    Stephen (Editor)

    If you like, Angel.


  • 5

    How long does it take to clean out an d for how long


  • 6
    Nicki Worsell

    Hi There. Perfect send. I completely agree. You have designed a lot of good things. Have an excellent day.


  • 7

    how to use triple leaf tea detox


  • 8

    is triple leaf tea Detox used to help pass drug test?



    Yes depends how much you smoke but safe side 2.5 weeks drink it everyday. It works


  • 9

    Can u use the detox tea along with the ultra slim tea. At the same time (ex. 2 tea bags 1 cup)


  • 10

    i wanted to know if anybody used this tea to clean weed out their system to take a drug test.does it work


  • 11

    Where can I obtain information and probable purchase of triple leaf tea



    I buy my triple leaf products from fairway



    I would check the natural food store in your area.


  • 12

    how fast does this tea detoxify the body. I have a urine test in 2 days and need it to be clean. I used an opiate pill for a tooth ache today and wondered if this tea will help clear it out of my urine. thanks. 🙂



    how does triple leaf tea take to purify blood stream of all toxins



    2.5 weeks


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