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TriSlim is aptly named according to the website claims. The formula is said to increase fat burn, decrease appetite and block fats in food. With only three main ingredients, the creators of TriSlim place a lot of pressure on the “proven” results of the included herbs.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and Chitosan.

Product Features

Starting with the positive ingredient, green tea, TriSlim offers one of the strongest proven fat burners available today. Green tea has been shown in study after study to improve weight loss and provide overall health support from many angles. We have no idea how much green tea is included in the formula, however, which is not a good way to gain trust with a dieter.

Hoodia Gordonii claimed its 15 minutes of fame some years ago. Touted as the miracle herb that decreased hunger dramatically, nearly every weight loss supplement added Hoodia Gordonii to their formula as the appetite suppressant. The claims of South African hunters eating only the Hoodia cactus plant for days when no food was available are not proven. Nor are the claims of appetite suppression.

Chitosan is another once popular ingredient that supposedly blocked fat from being broken down and absorbed by the body. These claims have been proven, but research studies estimated only 10 calories per day are blocked while using Chitosan. Laughing burns more than 10 calories.

TriSlim includes only one great weight loss ingredient. The other two are popular, but unproven and that is not what the dieter needs when they are trying to achieve weight loss goals. TriSlim is offered on an auto-ship program. The first bottle costs only $4.79, but each bottle thereafter costs $59.95. This price is too high for only one effective ingredient.

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  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • The first bottle only costs $4.79.


  • The dieter is forced to sign up for an auto-ship program.
  • Two of the three main ingredients are not going to significantly increase weight loss.
  • The amount of green tea in the formula is not revealed.
  • Dieters can only order the supplement on an auto-ship program.
  • Future orders are priced $59.95, which is high for a green tea supplement with no clinical proof it increases weight loss or decreases hunger.


Hoodia Gordonii does not magically decrease hunger and Chitosan offers only 10 calories of blocked fat per day. None of the ingredient amounts is listed, so the dieter can only assume there is very little of the best ingredient, green tea. Proven weight loss supplements are not afraid to use proven ingredients and reveal complete ingredient lists. TriSlim may not be the most effective weight loss supplement.

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