TriSlim Ultra Review

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What You Should Know

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TriSlim Ultra is a three ingredient weight loss formula that promises to be able to help flush toxins from your body to help you shed the pounds faster than diet and exercise alone. It is also said that your energy levels will increase, and you will be less likely to experience bloating. If this sounds like a supplement you have been looking for, then take a closer look at this review before you rush out to buy it.

List of Ingredients

TriSlim Ultra contains the following ingredients: Hoodia Gordonii Extract, White Tea Extract and Acai Berry Extract. There may be other ingredients in the formula not listed on the product website or on the product’s labeling.

Product Features

TriSlim Ultra is made up of three main ingredients. The Acai berry is native to the Amazon rain forest and is thought to be a superfruit because it is high in fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and protein. It has a variety of health benefits, but has not been directly linked to weight loss in a clinically study. Because they are not native to the United States, many supplements use extract forms, and depending on the extraction method, the majority of the nutrition in the berry is destroyed. Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus native to Africa and surrounding areas. It is expensive and difficult to get actual hoodia, and many supplements do not use real hoodia. Those that do, generally include a third party certification to show its validity. The cactus has been clinically proven to suppress the appetite without feelings of hunger or deprivation. White tea contains caffeine, a stimulant that may be the reason for the boost in metabolism. The naturally occurring antioxidants in the tea may also support weight loss and energy increases.

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  • TriSlim Ultra ingredients are known to have health benefits.
  • Hoodia is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient.


  • TriSlim Ultra free trial requires enrollment in an automatic shipment program.
  • This supplement contains caffeine.
  • Genuine Hoodia is expensive and difficult to source.
  • Whole forms of these ingredients are more bioavailable than extract forms.
  • The company provides little information about the ingredients and how they work.


TriSlim Ultra is a risky product, because of the automatic shipment program. You may experience difficulty canceling the program and continue to see charges on your credit card as this is a common occurrence with many auto ship programs. The ingredients in the formula are common to many weight loss supplements, but are questionable due to the lack of information about the amounts and the extraction methods used to obtain them. We don’t even know if the hoodia is genuine, and therefore recommend you find a clinically proven supplement that contains proven fat burners and appetite suppressants. Use it with diet and exercise and you will see weight loss results.

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