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Trixter X-Bike is a product that has been helping athletes train for the past seven years. Trixter incorporates the newest technology into every one of the bikes and riding software programs that they develop. The manufacturers strive to provide the very best on the market and do it at the highest quality. The company provides both state of the art training bikes as well as training computer software.

Trixter X-Bike is designed with you in mind. The bike is designed with adjustable handle bars, seat, and pedals, making for a more comfortable work out experience.

All Trixter X-Bike models come with state of the art training software. The software is designed to mimic training and race conditions, aiding in the overall training experience.

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Product Features

With every Trixter X-Bike comes a full DVD-CD Rom training tool. The software is designed to mimic actual bike races. The DVD also includes training tips and other tools from some of the world’s leading cyclists.

Trixter X-Bikes are designed to be rugged. They are made from strengthened aluminum alloys, providing for a light yet durable frame. The Trixter X-Bike is also adjustable, designed to meet all shapes and sizes, making training easier on the body.

Trixter X-Bikes are a great way to stay in shape and lose weight. Cycling has been medically proven to be one of the most effective ways to strengthen the body’s core as well as help with weight loss. A Trixter X-Bike allows you to train from any location.

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  • Trixter X-Bikes provide you with the ease of being able to work out at any located. They are great for gym or home use.
  • The Trixter X-Bike comes with a limited warranty and is made from strengthened aluminum alloys for strength and durability.
  • The manufacturers provide a state of the art DVD and software training video. The video simulates real life races as well as providing instructional tips.
  • The product allows you to set your own work out levels, providing just the right amount of resistance on the pedals to meet your exercising needs.


  • A Trixter X-Bike can tend to take up a lot of room.
  • The product is very expensive.
  • Some people have reported technically problems with the software.
  • The company fails to provide before and after pictures as well as customer reviews of the product.
  • Not a lot of information is available about the product.
  • Several people have reported problems when dealing directly with the company on warranty issues.


Trixter X-Bikes provide a wonderful way to train. Many of the world’s leading cyclists train using Trixter products. However, for those who are simply looking to lose weight or for a simple bike training program, Trixter X-Bikes may not be the best choice.

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    sheryl duncan

    love it! i take the class a a local gym but am intrested in purchasing on for my home. where can i get one?