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Tropical Oasis HCG is a liquid that is dropped on the tongue a few drops at a time. It, like other HCG supplements on the market today claim to be able to help you lose weight, as much as a pound per day, however, the product is based on a pregnancy hormone that can actually lead to weight gain. This being said, we have reason to believe this product is nothing more than a scam trying to cash in on the hype surrounding diet and weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Tropical Oasis HCG contains a liquid form of the HCG hormone.

Product Features

Tropical Oasis HCG contains the HCG hormone known to secrete during pregnancy. It has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss, and there are no other ingredients in the formula. We are not even sure if the formula contains actual HCG, as it could be nothing more than water. HCG contains healthy amino acids, but the amino acids in the hormone have nothing to do with weight loss. This supplement is commonly used to help increase fertility for women who are experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant. This supplement is often marketed to men, even though it is not recommended for their use. Tropical Oasis is one of the many companies that produces an HCG based supplement, and they all basically face the same issues of not helping weight loss, even though they claim to be able to. There is likely no difference between the HCG supplement you see from Tropical Oasis, or any other HCG supplement making weight loss claims.

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  • Tropical Oasis HCG has no advantages when it comes to weight loss.


  • Tropical Oasis HCG uses the pregnancy hormone which may actually cause weight gain.
  • There are many HCG weight loss supplements on the market today, and they are all based on the same thing.
  • This product may increase fertility, which for women who are not looking to conceive could be a negative issue.
  • This product should not be used by men, as it could cause undesirable side effects.


Tropical Oasis HCG is not recommended for weight loss, for any reason. Simply applying a few drops of anything to your tongue before, during, or after a meal, is not going to help you lose weight. For real weight loss, you need three things: a balanced, reduced calorie diet, regular exercise in both cardiovascular and strength training forms, and a weight loss supplement that contains a fat burner and/or appetite suppressant. While the supplement is not required for weight loss, it can help enhance the results you see compared to dieting and exercise alone.

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