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TRU Chocolate is an organic chocolate meant to assist with weight-loss programs. According to the main website, it can help with a diet program by satisfying chocolate cravings and reducing appetite.

List of Ingredients

TRU Chocolate is made with Organic Cocoa Liqueur, Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Oil), Xylitol, Proprietary Herbal Formula, Natural Vanilla Extract and Organic Lecitin, and a Proprietary Blend containing Momordica Charantia, Dehydrated Noni Fruit, Bioflavonoids (Citrus Extract), Ellagic Acid (from pomegranate), Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Fabenol, and Bioperine (from black pepper).

Product Features

TRU Chocolate is an organic product made with organic cocoa beans and cocoa butter. It is sweetened with only natural sweeteners, is lactose-free, and contains no animal products. It also contains a proprietary herbal formula.

The antioxidants in one pound of TRU Chocolate exceed the amount of antioxidants in a pound of many fruits or vegetables, including blueberries, raw tomatoes, raw green peppers, raw pineapple, raw spinach, and raw broccoli. This information must be considered, however, in light of the fact that one serving of chocolate will weigh a lot less than one serving of fruits or vegetables, so the consumer is not necessarily getting more antioxidants in one sitting. Antioxidants fight free radicals which are linked to heart disease and other illnesses.

TRU Chocolate is sweetened with Xylitol, a dentist-recommended sweetener. Xylitol supposedly retards tooth decay bacteria, while not raising blood sugar levels. The sweetener leaves a long aftertaste, which may be enjoyable if you like the flavor. It is recommended that you drink a glass of water after eating a piece of the chocolate, and the aftertaste will make the water taste sweet, something a lot of users do like.

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  • Can be used by vegans because it contains no animal products.
  • Can be used by lactose-intolerants because it contains no lactose.
  • Can be used by diabetics because it contains less sugar than many other chocolates.
  • Certified as kosher through the OK Rabbinical Certification Group.
  • Celiac-friendly and gluten-friendly.
  • Promotes oral hygiene health because it uses the dentist-recommended sweetener Xylitol.


  • Has unrealistic weight loss claims.
  • Has a lack of before/after photos.
  • Has no money-back guarantee.
  • Has no free gift with purchase.
  • Does not highlight the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Not safe for pets, especially dogs.


While TRU Chocolate cannot be used as a diet by itself, it may be helpful for those who break their diet plans due to sweets and/or chocolate cravings. On the other hand, it is difficult to find some information on the product. Most information available is related to working with the company as an Associate, rather than information about the product itself. It is hard to find out what exactly is in the two proprietary blends that it contains. There is also no scientific study to see if it really helps with weight loss. It might be a healthy alternative to other chocolates, but it does not have much to support using it for weight loss.

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7 User Reviews about TRU Chocolate

  • 1
    john cappadona

    Thanks for your nice review.If you care to get complete accuracy go to our new site that also has snacks.The formulation has been changed and we should be in stores very soon.Again,thank You.
    John Cappadona


  • 2

    I bought this (Tru Choc) in a gas station 2yrs ago .I got 4 pieces, I gave two to my daughter as I got back in the car. After eating the one I said to her this is good it has no sugar and might help you lose weight.
    I bought a box online from the company and LOVE IT! I lost 10 lbs. being I’m a diabetic I don’t have to worry about the sugar. I’m addicted to this and can’t wait to buy it in the store.


  • 3
    john cappadona

    TruChocolate has a totally new taste and will be sold in stores after January 2015.We would be glad to send you samples.Please visit our new site at


  • 4
    John Cappadona

    Tru Chocolate is not any part of the Youngevity company and Tru Nutrition is not either.Please keep info correct,thanks for the good review.



    Thanks for the clarification, John! We’ve changed our review.


    tony valenti

    A chocolate lover for seven decades and now TRU CHOCOLATE IS THE REAL MCCOY, MM DELICIOUS


  • 5

    i have seen my friend pete ajello loose so much wieght using this product but the article just doesnt seem convincing are ther any free trials and is it only i1 flavor?