TruDERMA Mangodrin Review

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What You Should Know

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Mangodrin is a weight loss product by the TruDERMA company. It claims to be able to help you lose 28 pounds in ten weeks, and makes no mention of being used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Let us take a closer look at the product and its ingredients to determine if it could possibly live up to its claims.

List of Ingredients

TruDERMA Mangodrin is comprised of the following ingredients:

  • green tea
  • yohimbe
  • picamilon
  • african mango
  • caffeine
  • synephrine
  • nettle leaf extract
  • glucuronlactone
  • phenethylamine HCl

Product Features

TruDERMA Mangodrin contains some impressive ingredients, but not at the optimal doses for effectiveness. Green Tea has been shown in clinically studies, at the correct dose, to help promote your energy levels and boost your metabolism to help you burn fat. Yohimbe is a stimulant thought to work as a fat burner, but there is conflicting scientific evidence to support this claim. Picamilion is the mixture of GABA and niacin. It has no scientific evidence to support how effective it may be. African Mango, at the right amounts, has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant. Caffeine has been shown to help promote fat burning by increasing the metabolism. Synepherine is a synthetic chemical related to ephedra, thought to help burn fat. It has been shown in studies to work, if used in the right amounts.

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  • TruDERMA Mangodrin contains some quality weight loss ingredients.
  • This product may increase your energy levels, allowing you to be more active and burn more calories.


  • TruDERMA Mangodrin does not contain effective doses of the active ingredients.
  • This supplement is expensive.
  • This product is met with mixed reviews.
  • This product contains many stimulants, which for those who are sensitive to them can cause a variety of side effects, such as: insomnia, headaches, jitters, and irritability.


TruDERMA Mangodrin does not contain high enough amounts of the clinically proven ingredients to be effective. It is important to remember that just because an ingredient is in the formula, it does not mean there is enough of it in there to do the job it claims to be able to do. While there are some impressive ingredients on the list, none of that matters because the supplement does not provide a high enough dose of any of them. This product does not promote the use of a balanced diet and exercise program, suggesting that it can help you lose weight without making lifestyle changes. For best results, we suggest choosing a clinically proven supplement, either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant that contains enough of the active ingredients to be effective. Then, use this supplement as directed, in conjunction with a balanced, reduced calorie diet, and regular exercise routine.

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