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TrueBASICS Detox is a collection of supplements in a pack, developed by TrueStar Health, designed to help you cleanse and detox your body to support weight loss. If you are looking for a supplement to help you flush toxins from your body, this may very well be an ideal choice for you. Take a look at this review to learn more about the product and how it works.

List of Ingredients

TrueBASICS Detox contains several different supplements in one pack. Each of the supplements full ingredient list is provided here, from a third party website. Fiber-Plex – 2 Capsulescontain: Dietary Fiber, Amorphophallus konjac, Glucomannan, Daucus carota, Carrot Root, Apium graveolens, Celery Stalk and Leaves, Citrus Pectin , Malus pumila, Apple Pectin, Sodium Alginate, Ulmus fulva, Slippery, Elm Bark. A-Rectic – Each Tablet contains: Juniperus communis/Juniper bery(dried), Buchu serratifolia/Buchu Leaves(leaf), Arctostaphylos uva ursi/Bear Berry (berry), Pimenta dioica/Cubeb(fruit) and Asparagus officinalis/Asparagus(stem). LVDTX – Each Tablet contains:
Niacin 3.30 mg, Lipotropic factors: L-Methionine, Inositol, Choline Bitartrate , Taraxacum officinalis, Dandelion leaf, Curcuma longa, Turmeric root, Silybum marianum, Milk thistle seed, Cynara scolymus, Globe artichoke leaf. Ayur-Coleus forskohlii Each Capsule contains: Coleus Forskohlii (root)(standardized to 1% forskohlin),
Ayur -Guggulipid Each Capsule contains: Commiphora mukul (root) (gum)
(Standardised to 2.5% Guggulsterones, Z&E)

Product Features

TrueBASICS Detox features supplement packs, with a dose of each of the supplements listed above in the ingredients. The idea behind this product is to cleanse the body to prepare it with the proper nutrition necessary for healthy, long term weight loss. This product can be used to cleanse and detox the body whenever you want, but is recommend to do it for at least a week prior to starting a new diet. It is advised to use it only for two to four weeks at a time, as longer use is not recommended and could pose a risk to your health. The product claims to be able to: stimulate the metabolism, help remove excess water from the body, reduce appetite, and address issues with cholesterol, overactive thyroid and hormonal issues related to PMS. One container with 30 packs, costs $75.

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  • TrueBASICS Detox is designed to support weight loss.
  • This product contains natural ingredients known to support health and detoxification.


  • TrueBASICS Detox is an expensive supplement, at $75 for a one month supply.
  • Removing excess water from your body is not always healthy, because it can lead to dehydration.
  • There is no evidence of a money back gaurantee.
  • There is no free trial of this product.


TrueBASICS Detox is a short term use product designed to help prepare the body for a diet and weight loss regimen. If you wan to remove toxins from your body, this is a good choice to jump start your diet. However, to increase the overall amount of weight you lose, you will also need to invest in a fat burner or an appetite suppressant, to use while following a balanced diet and an regular exercise program.

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