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TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning is a Kettlebell exercise DVD created by the same people who brought you Suspension Training, as a collaborative effort with Kettlebell experts. This DVD assumes that you are familiar with the kettlebell exercise equipment, but has recommendations for beginners. If you are interested in trying this type of exercise, this DVD could be for you.

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TRX Kettlebell is a 118 minute DVD. If you are new to kettlebell, the makers of the DVD recommend the following: you should have flat shoes or train barefoot. It is not ideal to have running shoes on during the workout. If you are trying to select your kettlebell, you should have two. Women are advised to have an 18 pound and a 26 pound ball, while men are advised to have a 35 pound and 53 pound kettlebell. Haivng the two weights will work out well for beginners, but no matter which one you are using, you should treat it as though it is heavy and put it away immediately after you are finished with it to avoid tripping and falling over it later. When you purchase the DVD, you will get thorough setup instructions, as well as an 18 minute introduction to kettlebell. You will also get a 60 minute workout that features 20 different exercises. The remainder of the DVD focuses on warm up and cool down. There are three different levels of difficulty so you can keep the challenges coming. This workout will not only help you burn fat and build muscle, but it will help improve your core and your overall balance.

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  • TRX Kettlebell is as good conditioning workout.
  • This program is suitable for both men and women.


  • TRX Kettlebell may be confusing for people who have never tried it before.
  • The DVD is expensive at nearly $40 plus shipping and handling.
  • You will need a kettlebell or two in order to complete these workouts, which must be purchased separately.
  • This does not address diet and nutrition.
  • Doing the same workout over and over day in and day out can get boring, fast.


TRX Kettlebell is recommended for people whoa re either familiar with the kettlebell, or who are willing to learn how to use it. The workout may be intense for some users, but with the varying levels of difficulty could easily target any user experience level. This workout is a good start toward weight loss, but is only one component. You should also be following a reduced calorie balanced diet, or you may not see any weight loss results. If you want to boost your efforts, you could also consider taking a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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