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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

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TRX Labs offers a small product line that is meant to help users improve their overall health. These products include a calcium supplement, a lactase product, and a product that is meant to help people quit smoking. This company offers prices that are very competitive, and people are generally fairly satisfied with the prices that they pay for these products. Although the prices are fairly low, the results that most customers actually experience are very disappointing. The calcium and lactase products help customers’ overall health, but most people did not believe that the benefits were substantial enough to continue purchasing these products, and many customers that wanted to quit smoking were unable to, even after using the products offered by TRX Labs These products are readily available online, and they come in easy to consume capsules that people can swallow without difficulty. These products also have a bitter taste, and many customers also have complained of some minimal side effects. Side effects include loss of appetite, dizziness, and nausea for some customers. Overall, there are many problems with this company, and although they do offer products that claim to help in areas that many people need help with. These products are great in theory, but most customers believe that these products simply are not worth the many problems, and they seek alternative products.

List of Ingredients

These products contain many artificial ingredients, and some customers have complained of side effects caused by TRX Labs products.

Product Features

These products are easy to find online, and they can be ordered and shipped to your door very quickly. These products are easy to swallow, but the taste can be bitter for many peoples’ tastes. This is a good company, but there are many serious flaws with the products offered by TRX Labs.

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  • The prices offered by TRX Labs are fairly inexpensive, and many people like the affordability of their products.
  • TRX Labs products are easy to order, and they can be conveniently shipped directly to your door.


  • These products do not work as well as the company claims, and there are very few reviews from customers available online.
  • TRX Labs products taste bitter, and many customers have quit using them because of this.
  • These products have caused minor side effects in some users.


TRX Labs is a fairly new company that claims to offer three great products. These products do not appear to work nearly as well as the company claims, and although these products are relatively inexpensive, most customers believe that the results just simply are not worth it. The general consensus among former users is that if you need help in these areas, you should seek a different product that has a better history.

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