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When a dieter wants a product to improve their overall health and well being, they want all of the everything in one convenient package. The TRX Ultimate is a product that offers a diet guide and all of the TRX fitness routines. The dieter now has the ability to customize their individual fitness plan to their needs. The price is relatively inexpensive compared to the price of individual TRX fitness DVD’s. We found the TRX Ultimate available on the website for approximately $149, a savings of more than 66%. With such great savings, will the TRX Ultimate be the ideal product for the cost-conscience dieter?

List of Ingredients

The TRX Ultimate is a fitness product that offers multiple fitness routines and complete diet guide.

Product Features

The TRX Ultimate is a bundled fitness product that offers seven TRX fitness routines as well as a diet guide. The bundle also features downloadable content, including TRX Performance: MMA Workout. This workout program takes the complacency out of exercising by allowing the dieter to tailor their fitness routines to their individual needs. The TRX Ultimate is available on the official website as well as third-party ecommerce site such as

We like that the TRX Ultimate system address the need to eat properly as a means of a healthy lifestyle. With more than 100 recipes available, the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook is an ideal source for the beginners looking for a diet plan that will assist them achieve maximum weight loss and improve overall health and wellbeing.

What we did not like about the TRX Ultimate is the price. The system is relatively inexpensive at $149. Unless the dieter owns the TRX suspension system, they must purchase for approximately $189 to $250. The cost-conscience dieter may not be willing to invest $400 in a product.

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  • The TRX Ultimate includes a complete diet guide with meal recommendations.
  • The TRX Ultimate is relatively inexpensive.
  • More than seven fitness routines.
  • The workouts are available for digital download.


  • The TRX Ultimate requires the dieter purchase a TRX suspension system.
  • The beginner may not have the ability to perform all of the exercises in the TRX Ultimate program.


We like products such as the TRX Ultimate. When a company bundles products and actually includes all of the necessary items, we see the benefit for the cost conscience dieter. The DVD’s alone would retail for more than $250. The Unfortunate side of the TRX Ultimate system is that the dieter still must purchase the TRX suspension system. The system retails for approximately $189 to $250. The cost-conscience dieter may not be willing to invest close to $400 of a fitness product, when they could potentially join a fitness club for half the price.

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