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What You Should Know

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A supplement maker named TSN Labs is supposed to make formulas that have been scientifically proven to help people maintain good health. The TSN product lines are sold via the company website, other online resellers, local distributors as well as individually owned and locally operated health food and nutrition stores. TSN claims the products offered under their name are created to improve the consumers health and general well being. The company also claims that they are committed to researching and developing formulas so that they can improve them on a continual basis.

List Of Ingredients

TSN Labs offers a variety of products. Exact ingredients differ according to the specific product.

Product Features

TSN has an extensive product line that is available to the general public. The formulas are supposed to optimize health through a variety of ways. However, these statements and formulas have not been scrutinized by any third party nonbiased sources research studies. Some of the TSN product line includes: Weight Loss – TSN Labs 24:7 Weight Loss AM + PM, TSN Labs Apple Cider Vinegar, TSN Labs 7X Herbal Weight Loss, TSN Labs Bitter Orange Extract, TSN Labs CalCarb, TSN Labs Calorie Blocker, TSN Labs Chitosan, TSN Labs Thin & Slim Naturally, TSN Labs Hoodia Liquid Drops, TSN Labs Night Time Fat Burner; Joint Health – TSN Labs Glucosamine Sulfate; Sports and Fitness – TSN Labs A AKG, TSN Labs Extreme Creatine, TSN Labs Extreme Energy, TSN Labs Extreme DHEA, TSN Labs Extreme Stack EF, TSN Labs L Tyrosine, TSN Labs NO3X, TSN Labs Pyruvate; Vitamins and Minerals – TSN Labs Beta Carotene, TSN Labs Biotin, TSN Labs Ester E, TSN Labs Folic Acid, TSN Labs Inositol, TSN Labs Vitamin E, TSN Labs Vitamin C.

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  • TSN Labs offers several products so the user can stay with the same company for different needs.
  • TSN Lab products are convenient to purchase because they can be purchased online or at local stores.
  • The products claim to have several vitamins and health benefits.


  • TSN Labs do not make their full ingredient list available for all of their products.
  • The claims made by TSN Labs have not been proven with scientific research or clinical trials.
  • There is no evidence to support the claim that the supplements will improve the health of the person who takes them.


TSN Labs offers a variety of health supplement and weight loss products. These items are typically a blend of vitamins and minerals. The company has not offered any scientific data to support the claims of improved health or weight loss. The vitamins and minerals are typically found in several other weight loss and health supplements. The company does not appear to offer a money back guarantee.

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