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T-Tapp is what is known as a cardio-kinetic workout. This type of workout assists individuals in burning fat without any weightlifting. T-Tapp was created by Teresa Tapp who is a rehabilitative fitness instructor. T-Tapp is not aerobics or dancing; it is a fitness program that is based on physical therapy. The moves are not difficult to learn. At first it seems a bit awkward to learn the moves but repeated practice is said to bring the spine into its correct alignment while helping the lymphatic system to burn fat and rid the body of toxins.

There are several DVDs available that utilize the T-Tapp method. The different programs range from the most basic up to total body workouts for the advanced “T-Tappers.” All of the individual movements are sequential and based on many principles that are quite similar to Yoga and Pilates.

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These are video and DVD based programs.

Product Features

The T-Tapp movements and programs can be used in conjunction with other diet and weight loss programs. The main premise is that when the body is in correct working order with all joints, bones and muscles working together, fat burning and weight loss are easier to achieve. The program is very rehabilitative for individuals who may have joint, knee or back problems. This program does seem to be geared more towards the individuals with very little weight to lose. It seems more into rehabilitation and muscle toning.

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  • The website has customer reviews and testimonials as well as before and after pictures.
  • This is a total body workout.
  • The website has free downloads to try.


  • Many overweight individuals could find the moves quite difficult to maneuver.
  • These products seem to be a little bit expensive.
  • The website makes the claim that spot reduction is possible which has been declared improbable at best.
  • These DVD’s are geared more for muscle toning and rehabilitation rather than weight loss or serious muscle toning.


T-Tapp is a series of videos that were produced by Teresa Tapp, a rehabilitative fitness coach. This is not an aerobics or traditional work-out video, but more of along the lines of Pilates or Yoga for a clinical setting. The programs are not geared for weight loss but more for aligning the body and muscle toning. As such, it might be quite difficult for very overweight individuals to perform a lot of the movements comfortably or correctly. Since weight loss would be minimal at best on a system like this, it might be advisable for individuals to utilize another program geared more for weight loss either prior to starting T-Tapp or in conjunction with it. In any case, this program should be used along with a sensible eating plan.

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    Hi ttapp is the best workout around.I have tried weight lifting running you name i tied it. I have lost 2 sizes and changed the way my body looks without starving my self. My whole outlook on life is better. the moves are not that difficult and they give you help by calling a tollfree number.