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The name Tuff Girl Fitness is extremely popular in the fitness community. We found multiple workout programs and personal trainers using the name. We finally found one of the most popular programs in Connecticut. Tuff Girl Fitness CT is a hardcore workout program for women who want to change their body with hard work and dedication.

There is an official website for Tuff Girl Fitness CT. The site explains the workout program, schedule of classes and mantra of the group. There is also a gallery of workout photos, including photos from all of the Tuff Girl Fitness coaches.

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  • Fitness program for men and women.

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You may think from the name Tuff Girl Fitness that only women are welcome in the club, but the name implies that Tuff Girls are doing the training. Don’t let the fact that all the trainers are girls fool you. The programs are ruthless and difficult, even for the seasoned fitness buff. If you are just starting out in fitness you may be a bit overwhelmed by some of the programs offered by Tuff Girl Fitness.

The basis for Tuff Girl Fitness routines is interval training. This is the same training model used for programs like P90X, Insanity and Asylum because it works. We find it refreshing that the trainers admit you may swear when completing the workouts, but it’s always better to be honest about a program in advance so dieters know what to expect. Tuff Girl Fitness doesn’t look like the ideal program for people just starting out in fitness. There are no pictures of overweight dieters; only fit and fabulous people trying to get fitter and stay thin.

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  • We love the honesty and integrity portrayed by the Tuff Girl Fitness crew.
  • Interval training is backed by expert and clinical support.


  • The pictures do not have names just file names from the camera used to take the photos, in most cases.
  • The exact programs are not revealed.
  • There is no mention of diet and nutrition support.
  • No overweight people are pictured completing the workouts.
  • Tuff Girl Fitness is located in Connecticut.


Why would you want to work out for two hours when you could work out for half the time and get twice the results? Interval training is proven to help you gain results faster and continue sparking results well after other workout programs have hit that invisible plateau. We love the concept, but it feels a little like other programs on the market.

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