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Turbo Jam is a weight loss system that involves regular exercise routines. This fitness program was developed by one Chalene Johnson and the program is sold on the official Beach Body website (founded in 1998). Turbo Jam comes in the form of six DVDs, which are intended to be viewed at home. Turbo Jam incorporates body sculpting, kickboxing and dance workouts. The official Turbo Jam website states that a university study revealed that Turbo Jam users “burnt 1000 calories in one hour of exercise.” This product sells for three payments of $19.95 via the official website. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

The Turbo Jam DVDs are entitled “Learn & Burn” (contains signature “Elite 11” moves), “Turbo Sculpt” (tighten and tone session), “20 Minute Workout” (full body workout), “Cardio Party” (a turbo-charged “dance fest”) and “Ab Jam” (ab routine). Additional items that come with Turbo Jam are Elite 11 flash cards, 24/7 online support, the Turbo Results step-by-step guidebook, turbo sculpting gloves, the “Punch, Kick and Jam” DVD and the turbo slim rapid results program. Turbo Jam is claimed to be the “#1 Fitness Program on TV.” There are success stories posted on the official website. There is also a sample video clip of Turbo Jam in action available on the official Beach Body website.

Product Features

Turbo Jam is a video-fitness program for both men and women that aims to assist with weight loss through repetitive exercise routines. This program consists of seven DVDs total, which are entitled “Learn & Burn,” “Punch, Kick and Jam,” “Turbo Sculpt,” “Rapid Results Program,” “20 Minute Workout,” “Cardio Party” and “Ab Jam.” Turbo Jam is claimed to assist with weight reduction and muscle toning. Obviously, like an video-based exercise program, users need to be comfortable with watching the videos and preforming the exercises in order to see any results. This program sells through the official Beach Body website for three installments of $19.95. The official website states that Turbo Jam should not be started without consulting a physician first. Turbo Jam does not involve taking supplements.

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  • The Turbo Jam fitness program involves regular exercise routines.
  • There is a program demo available on the official website.
  • Turbo Jam can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website.


  • The official website states that Turbo Jam should not be started without a consultation with a physician.
  • There are no fat burning supplements offered with the Turbo Jam weight reduction program.
  • Turbo Jam involves a fairly significant lifestyle change in regards to regular exercise regimes.
  • The official Turbo Jam website is set up more like a massive ad or infomercial than an information source.
  • If you haven’t seen success following exercise programs in the past, Turbo Jam alone may not have much different to offer you.


Overall, Turbo Jam comes across as a somewhat unique and interesting weight loss program. However, it would certainly be nice for some dieters to have an appetite suppressant or fat burner of some sort to assist with the weight loss process. Furthermore, some individuals may not care for the lifestyle change involved with a weight loss product like Turbo Jam. If you already lead an active lifestyle, this product could offer a novel change of routine, but if your weight concerns are food-related, you may want to look into a diet supplement of some sort.

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  • 1

    I have lost 100 pounds doing this workout the last 6 years and have kept it off and have not used supplements suppressants or changed my diet of double meat double cheese hamburgers with large fries I eat what I want and my weight has not changed. I would recommend this exercise program for anyone just beginning or experimenting with wanting to lose weight. I hated exercising I have three kids and have now gained something I never had before a slimmer me. I may not be where I want b/c I have not changed my diet but I feel better with more energy and can do what needs to be done on a daily basis instead of struggling. I used to be a size 22-24 now I am a 13 I was at a 9 but depression has won a little on me and I have regained weight but I won’t give up the fight even if I am fighting alone with no support this is a choice I made I can’t give up nor should anyone else about theirselves. It all starts with you and your choices. Stay positive!


  • 2

    I have been doing turbo weighed 302 now at 220 trying to get 160 my ideal weight wish me luck



    How long have you been doing Turbo to lose 82 lbs?


  • 3

    honestly this video is the best thing that i have ever done. i lost about 15 pounds and i am in a size two. i am toned from head to toe and i love my body. worked for me. but you HAVE to stick with it for it to work and change the way you eat. I still do it today.


  • 4

    this dvd is awsome. I am already seeing results and i have only been using it for two weeks. It is fun and the music really keeps you going. but to see results, you gotta keep at it. I try to do it atleast 4-5 times a week.


  • 5

    I love Turbo Jam everytime I finish a workout I feel so good and happy that I accomplished another days workout. Charlene makes me feel so good about myself and encourages me to work my best while working out. I love the music that goes with the workouts and I always feel great while working out. I’m always motivated to workout every morning I wake up. I have been doing it for 2 weeks now and I’m already seeing results! Just like momof3 said it takes commitment but this workout makes it easy to stay committed.


  • 6

    I love Turbo Jam!! After every baby I would pull out Turbo and I lost 25 lbs and 25 inches off my body in about 4 months. It takes commitment 🙂


  • 7

    Turbo Jam is GREAT!!! I am 50 years old and I do the low impact of the workout. I have done other workout videos like tae bo but, it wasn’t really fun. Turbo Jam is fun. Some people say the music is not what they would listen to. and they are right. but, for exercising, it is the best! The beat is there for every move & you know what move you need to do with the beat. I see results!! others I would lose 1 inch. but with Turbo Jam I have lost over 3 inches all over and I see (i don’t know if I am saying this right) cuts and muscles on my stomach and arms. and my thighs are tighter. Be warned thou, when you first start the program, start slow don’t twist too much the 1st 2 wks b/c you need to make sure your muscles stretch out first so you won’t pull a muscle. I love Turbo Jam # 3. I burn 450 calories each time and the moves are always alternating which doesn’t get you bored. It takes me about 1 week to understand how to switch from one move to another. but, after that it is so much fun. If you want a workout that every move is definitely toning you, then Turbo Jam is for you. and I have returned other beach body tapes and had no problem with the return or credit to my credit card. So, don’t be afraid to try it. If you are really out of shape take it slow and turn the way she says and you will see your body not only loses fat but muscles appearing!! Also, Charlene makes you feel like you belong and it is about you not her.


  • 8

    I bought the system and I haven’t opened it up yet. I did find out however, if you have any customer service issues their phone number does NOT work in Canada. So, I am stuck with it whether I want it or not!


  • 9

    with in 2 weeks i lost 3 inches around my hips!! i love doing this work out!!



    How did you stay modivated? I love the music and the routines but I’m having a hard time staying modivated. Any advice at all will be greatly appreiated.



    Try zumbafitness or Turbojam elite or Turbofire(this program has lots of workout routines. When I get bored I do a different workout.


  • 10
    Ella Holloway

    I love Turbo Jam. The Music is awesome. This program really keep me wanting more.


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