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Welcome to an era of dietary supplements, weight loss products, appetite suppressants, protein shakes, and diet programs galore. Not to mention the numerous books out there that may be able to assist some individuals with shedding excess body fat and inches from their wastes. One book that you may encounter in the world of weight loss at some point is the Turbo Protein Diet. This text is supposed to help you stop yo-yo dieting forever. Although there does not appear to be an official website for this book, it can be found on sites like Amazon.com.

The Turbo Protein Diet book is a total of 96 pages and was written back in 1998. The publishing company is Biomed International, and the author of this text is Dieter Markert. Naturally the key purpose of this text is to help women and men stop the overall dieting process that involves flip-flopping from one plan to another. The goal with the Turbo Protein Diet is long-term weight reduction. Involved with this text is a liquid nourishment that is made from vegetarian proteins. This is supposed to cleanse the user’s body and assist with overall health and weight loss. A moderate exercise regimen is also encouraged with this program. Unfortunately the supplement formula is not included with the book.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

The Turbo Protein Diet is one that is learned from a text and incorporates a vegetarian protein supplement, as well as regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to stop gimmicky diets and start losing weight that stays off. As you will see, there are numerous reviews posted on amazon.com for this book. This will allow you to get an idea of what other men and women are saying about the Turbo Protein Diet. Although there is no apparent money-back guarantee offered with this text, it is sold for varying prices, depending upon whether or not you want a used book or a new one.

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  • This book can be easily acquired online through websites like Amazon.com with ease.
  • With the Turbo Protein Diet, the supplement formula that is consumed is vegetarian.


  • There is not a great deal of information provided on the Turbo Protein Diet.
  • Some users may not care for the exercise regimens that go along with this weight reduction plan.
  • It is unclear what kind of diet plans and foods are consumed with the Turbo Protein Diet.

A money-back guarantee is not offered with this diet text.


It is naturally important to think about a few different things before purchasing any kind of weight loss supplement of diet program. As far as the Turbo Protein Diet book goes, this may be suitable for some individuals, but not for everyone. You must be willing to adopt an exercise routine and consume a certain protein supplement regularly. While this is claimed to help with detoxifying the body, it is not so clear how it assists with actual weight loss.

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