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Turbo Snort is a unique caffeine product with banners plastered all over caffeine websites. The product is a nasal spray that contains caffeine. The idea is that squirting the caffeine into the nose increases absorption because the caffeine never hits the stomach or digestion. You should have to take less caffeine to feel the same energy boost this way.

Turbo Snort is extremely hard to find on traditional supplement websites. We found the caffeinated nasal spray for sale on a caffeine website, which is also where we found the complete list of ingredients and a review of how the product worked for one user. Testimonials are few and far between and there are no weight loss claims associated with the product.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Taurine

Product Features

The ingredients in Turbo Snort are safe enough. There are no medications in the formula. There are also no preservatives listed so we’re unsure of the lifespan of the product. We assume you have to shake the bottle before inhaling the caffeinated spray to ensure all ingredients are mixed well.

The total amount of caffeine in one snort is 1 mg. There are 223 servings per bottle. That seems like a tiny amount of caffeine, but you have to remember that digestion does not come into play with this supplement. The user simply inhales the fluid and gets moving.

One review of the product claimed increased energy for a couple hours after taking Turbo Snort. There was no crash at the end of that energy. The recommended dose is four sprays so one bottle would last slightly less than two months if Turbo Snort is used once a day and slightly less than one month if the product is used twice a day.

Turbo Snort may have the least amount of caffeine per serving, but it works just like other caffeine products, according to the one review we were able to find. If it is any consolation, the review was on a website dedicated to reviewing caffeinated products.

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  • There is very little caffeine in Turbo Snort.
  • The review we found claims increased energy without jitters or a crash.
  • The product is available for sale online.


  • There are no weight loss testimonials.
  • The caffeine content is very low.
  • We found only one review of the product.


Turbo Snort is nothing more than caffeine in a bottle that you snort instead of swallow. The creatine is likely the cause for some nasal drainage reported by the single user we found. This product may increase energy before a workout and without a crash, we see no reason why a dieter shouldn’t give it a go. There is more caffeine in a chocolate bar than in Turbo Snort.

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