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Turbo Trim is a dietary supplement created by CalComp Nutrition. The product is supposed to be able to help people meet their weight loss goals in an expedient manner. The supplement is marketed as a way to support additional efforts made by the dieter. The product, Turbo Trim, is reportedly made with all natural ingredients. Turbo Trim is supposed to provide support to the dieter in achieving their weight loss goals through all natural ingredients. The company claims the supplement will increase the user’s ability to burn fat and help reduce their appetite. The company does not provide a lot of documentation to support their claims of rapid weight loss.

List Of Ingredients

Turbo Trim is apparently relying on the effects of ingredients such as caffeine with green tea and hoodia gordonii, to control the appetite. The Hoodia fruit is imported from Africa. This fruit is typically certified as authentic and pure when purchased from Africa. Dieters with this concern should seek out the certification before purchasing the product. Currently, CalComp Nutrition has not released this information on their website. The use of green tea as an hunger controller has not been fully analyzed and scientist s disagree as to the effectiveness.

Product Features

The company makes claims that the diet supplement will help to reduce weight by curving the appetite and controlling hunger. They state Turbo Trim will help speed weight loss through offering fat burning capabilities. The product is marketed to the average dieter as a way to augment the weight loss plan already in place. The maker does offer customer testimonials on their website that might help potential customers to decide if the supplement is right for their own situation. However, it should be noted that Turbo Trim ingredients and claims have not been supported by any scientific research material that could be located at this time. Some of the ingredients are thought to have properties that might aid in weight loss but this is debated by the scientific community.

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  • Turbo Trim may help increase the rate at which the dieter can lose unwanted pounds.
  • Turbo Trim might help to reduce appetite.
  • Turbo Trim includes a fat burning ingredient.


  • Turbo Trim is not based on scientifically proven research.
  • Turbo Trim does not provide a certificate of authenticity concerning the Hoodia Fruit on their website.
  • Turbo Trim does not offer a recommended nutritional plan or exercise program to follow.


People who want to lose extra weight fast may be tempted to purchase Turbo Trim. However there is no evidence to support the claims made by Turbo Trim that it will provide the results promised to their consumers. Furthermore, it is not clear as to the authenticity of the Hoodia fruit that is supposedly used in the supplement. Dieters who are considering using Turbo Trim may wish to speak to a health care professional about the supplement before beginning the regimen.

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  • 1

    Hi I want 2 buy turbo trim… Any place in cape town 2 buy it plz


  • 2
    mary-anne simoes

    where can i get ur prices


  • 3
    Melanie Coetzee

    I want to order but there is no feed back from the lady in Johannesburg. Can i order in durban some where.


  • 4

    hi i call through to the Johannesburg branch to place an order and i spoke to a lady there and she told me that i have to buy 5 different products for it to work and the turbo trim pills on its own is useless,this is very discouraging as i was ready to order and have lost all hope in this product now


  • 5
    Ophelia Naidoo

    Hi. I have hypothyroidism and I take 0.05mg eltroxin daily. Will taking turbotrim be a problem if I take together with thyroid meds?


  • 6

    I don’t know whether the product works @ howm many kg to loose in a week.pls advice


  • 7

    is there a store for me to buy turbo trim or can i only order online?