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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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TurboSlim Chronoactiv is a weight loss supplement that includes both day and night formulas in one box. We could not find an official website for the supplement, but we did find it listed for sale on CVS.com. The day time formula contains stimulants and the night time formula contains ingredients to block carbohydrate breakdown. The formulas are not spectacular, but they are also not the worst formulas we’ve reviewed to date.

List of Ingredients


  • Day Time Formula
  • Ash Leaf
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Mate Leaf Extract
  • Cola Nut
  • Night Time Formula
  • Bamboo Nodes
  • Rice Bran
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • Argan Fruit Oil

Product Features

We found several ingredient lists online claiming TurboSlim Chronoactiv contains Senna, a laxative, but the official ingredient list on CVS.com does not list Senna as an ingredient. If Senna is included, some of the weight loss will be a result of the laxative effects, not fat loss.

Guarana seed, mate leaf and cola nut are sources of caffeine. These ingredients will promote energy and may increase heart rate, but they will not significantly increase weight loss. Ash leaf works similarly to senna, thus the inference to senna on other websites. This ingredient does have mild laxative effects.

The Night Time Formula offers one good ingredient, white kidney bean extract. This ingredient is typically used as a carb blocker because it prevents carbohydrates from breaking into tiny pieces during digestion. We commonly see this ingredient in weight loss blends taken before meals, not at bed time.

There is a warning associated with TurboSlim Chronoactiv. The warning claims the dieter must take the supplement for at least two months for optimal effects. This is not common as most diet pills start working from the first dose. Most dieters will not be willing to stick with a diet pill for two months before seeing weight loss.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the CVS website.
  • Contains caffeine.


  • Contains a mild laxative.
  • May not produce weight loss for two months.
  • No official website could be found.
  • No clinical studies backing weight loss claims.


There are plenty of proven weight loss ingredients to choose from. The dieter does not have to spend money on products that make outrageous claims that never live up to those claims. It appears that TurboSlim Chronoactiv combines stimulants and a mild laxative for day time weight loss and a carb blocker for night time support. Without clinical trials or even testimonials, we suggest the dieter choose a different supplement. This product is not likely to show positive results for at least two months, according to the product description. Diet and exercise could result in weight loss in just a few days.

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