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Twinlab Endurance Fuel is designed for bodybuilders to restore carbohydrate levels after working out. The formula includes protein and carbohydrates. With 20 grams of carbohydrates and only 5 grams of protein, the formula will likely cause an increase in blood glucose, which could result in hunger for the average dieter. Bodybuilders take carbohydrate supplements to facilitate recovery. During times of intense exercise or athletic competition, the body depletes carbohydrate stores quickly. The next best source of energy is protein and the best source of protein are muscles. Bodybuilders are trying to build muscle, not burn muscle for energy. Taking Twinlab Endurance Fuel will give the body a boost in carbohydrates to replenish what the body has used during exercise. There is not enough protein to boost muscle growth, so this formula should be used in combination with a protein supplement in bodybuilding. If the supplement is used for quick energy after intense competition or exercise, the formula is just right.

List of Ingredients

Defense Complex: Ascorbic acid, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, beta carotene.

Endurance Blend: Glucose, isomatulose, maltodextrin, waxy maize, beta alanine.

Recovery Matrix: Calcium caseinate, whey protein.

Product Features

The impact of intense exercise and competition on muscles is drastic. If there is not enough carbohydrates in the body to fuel muscle movement, the body will turn to muscle for that energy. Simple energy is the fastest and best energy during competition, so athletes commonly take carbohydrate supplements before, during and after exercise. Twinlab Endurance Fuel particularly notes the formula is ideal for “race” competition, but athletes from all walks of life can take the supplement for carbohydrate support.

Dieters may want to stay away from the formula unless they are completing intense exercise. The formula contains 20 grams of carbohydrates and that is enough to cause a sharp rise in glucose. After carbohydrates are metabolized, glucose levels fall and that causes hunger. Typically, chromium and other blood glucose controlling ingredients are enough to control this response, but this supplement does not contain any proven blood glucose controlling ingredients.

According to the package instructions, athletes should take one scoop before exercise, one scoop during exercise and one scoop after exercise. These recommendations can be altered depending on the intensity and length of exercise.

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  • Contains carbohydrates to replenish simple fuel supplies.
  • Designed for athletes performing intense activities.
  • Will supply a quick source of energy.


  • If the body does not use the carbohydrates, they will be stored.
  • Not safe for use as part of a low carbohydrate diet.
  • Not designed for weight loss.
  • Will not suppress hunger.
  • Contains little protein.


Twinlab Endurance Fuel is not your average protein supplement. Athletes burn carbohydrate stores in a manner of hours, so they need to resupply the body with this simple form of fuel to keep moving. The label for Twinlab Endurance Fuel says the supplement is designed for racing, but any intense athlete can use the formula to restore carbohydrates.

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