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TwinLab is a popular manufacturer of vitamins, herbal supplements, and diet supplements said to be created from the latest science and safe, scientifically proven ingredients. With mainstays in popular retail giants such as Walmart and Target, their products are recognized worldwide as naturally derived cheap products available for everyone. Their diet supplements are extremely popular and include Diet Fuel, Energy Fuel, Everslender, Metabolift, and Ripped Fuel. Each supplement claims to be Ephedra free and safe for daily consumption.

TwinLab’s products depends on natural, organic ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients, but natural ingredients do not necessarily indicate an effective product. It may be affordable, but it may lack a few key ingredients.


Their best selling diet supplement, Diet Fuel, contains Calcium, Chromium, a Proprietary Herbal Extract (Flavanoids, Bacial Skullcap Root, Black Catechu Bark), Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cycloburn Complex (Cocoa Seed Extract, Caffeine, Tyramine, Phenylethylamine, Cayenne Fruit Extract), L-Carnitine, Rice Flour, Gelatin, Purified Water, MCT, Magensium Stearate, and Silica. TwinLab does not recommend this product to consumers with caffeine sensitivity

Product Features

TwinLab’s products emphasize a use of safe, effective ingredients, but their actual ingredients are not as safe as claimed. Caffeine is a huge component of all of their dietary products both contained in proprietary blends and in their ingredients. This stimulant chemical does activate sectors in the central nervous system which prevent energy loss, but this effects wears off quickly resulting in an energy crash. Its highly addictive nature can also dehydrate dieters due to its mild diuretic effect.

TwinLab also utilizes Green Tea, an Asian tea that is potent with antioxidants, a milder form of caffeine, and chemicals that may promote thermogenesis. One study revealed that the natural chemicals in Green Tea sped up metabolic production, although this effect is not strong and requires daily consumption.

Other ingredients are not shown to have any thermogenic effects, minus the inclusion of Cayenne Fruit Extract. Cayenne contains Capsaicin, which may cause appetite suppression. The rest of its ingredients do not have proven benefits.

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  • Contains Green Tea Extract, which may promote thermogenesis.
  • All of their products are available in major retail stores and online.


  • Their products do contain stimulant ingredients, such as Caffeine.
  • Their effective ingredients are used in proprietary blends, lessening the effect due to its combination with other ingredients.
  • May contain some synthetic ingredients, despite claims it does not.


TwinLab boasts a number of diet supplements which are said to be natural, free of Ephedra, and safe for daily consumption. The inclusion of Caffeine is a concern, however, and may cause negative side effects such as dehydration. While the price and availability of diet supplements is always an issue, effective ingredients are also key for an effective product.

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